For a long time has the war being going on between TV and movie halls. The full on metamorphosis of TV including its phases of wide screen display to even the current 3D experience on it, has given huge shocks to the movie hall industry and has given sparks of excitement to the home viewers for trying the same. Every time some new technique is thought of by the movie halls, an even better technique is devised by the TV manufacturers to bring home the cinema experience. This article majorly deals with the reasons of choosing for bringing the cinema experience into the home as well as how one can set best home theatre system for TV.

The prime reasons for which one must indeed think about bringing the experience of cinema into the home include the following: –

  • TV, a high definition projector and a top notch multichannel surround system form the best combination for giving the best cinema experience in home, even surpassing the ones given in the movie halls. By this one can not only save his or her money and time by preventing to stand in long queues before the ticket counters but also enjoy the quality and sound in the home theatre.
  • With the rapid releases of the Blu-ray quality of recent movies, even the time gap between release of the movie and its airing on the TV has been reduced significantly and hence one can also enjoy the same by proper setting in the home theatre to give the feels even higher than the ones in the movie halls.
  • With the upcoming of various online channels providing the HD version of the movies within few hours of its release, one can simply take subscriptions for the same and then use it to set up a viable home theatre that gives high definition experience to movie viewing even from the comforts of the sofa in the home.

Above reasons are sufficient enough to prove the advantages of a home theatre over the conventional movie halls. But for this choice of the best home theatre system for TV is an important parameter and hence out of the myriads of available choices, one must choose the best to gain the best home theatre experience. Some of the defining parameters for the same include the following: –

  • High definition vision of the aired content that not only adds effects to the movie watching but also gives the home audience the proper movie watching feels. This includes 4k content as well as the live 3D experience even from homes
  • Best quality of sound along with vision so as to give the best of sound effects that one enjoys in the movie halls. This again depends upon the choice of the speakers and their reliability upon the different TV sets.
  • The choice of accessories like Blu-ray players, AV receivers and sound bars also determine the best of the home theatre experience.

To know more about the brands for the same, one can simply search on the internet regarding best home theatre system for TV and then choose the best according to the above-mentioned parameters.