One of the best mobile card game developments in recent years, straight from your PC, is traditional solitaire (with a graphic twist, of course).

What’s the best app for sharpening your cognitive skills, helping your memory, and having a fun time? Solitaire. It’s not just an app, or a game – it’s a tool you can use to sharpen your problem-solving skills, help you with logic, and speed up your reaction time.

Solitaire champions all have one thing in common: master logic skills. You build on your cognitive abilities, like a giant LEGO tower, brick by brick. You start out small, unable to reach certain heights, and before you know it, you’ll be like those kids on YouTube who can solve a Rubix cube in thirty seconds flat. Its one enormous puzzle with chances, the “luck of the draw,” and statistics that you’ll pick up on as you play.

So why should you become a solitaire expert? It’s not just to be the fun guy at parties by showing off your game skills – you’re able to think quicker, turn other aspects of life into fun mental games in your head, and repeatedly exercise your brain. Think of logic games, like solitaire, as if they were a treadmill for your brain. Keep it lean with logic, but just like with physical exercise, you have to commit or you aren’t going to see results.

Solitaire uses basic logic and mathematical deduction to give you the best mind building lesson, while also keeping it fun. Mobilityware’s version keeps excellent graphics in line with the core components of solitaire, so you’ll become a grand master in no time. If you haven’t already checked it out, you’re wasting time when you could be having fun.