Having Bitcoins is very hot nowadays! But can you also gamble online using Bitcoins? The Bitcoins is actually a digital currency that goes outside the banks. Not only does the value of Bitcoin fluctuate almost daily, but more and more people are opting for this currency as a digital payment method. That is why more and more Bitcoin betting sites are created. Nowadays gamblers have the opportunity to pay with Bitcoin in almost every online casino or betting site. Why gambling with Bitcoins is so popular and interesting? In this article, you will learn some reasons.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, a revolutionary and new form of digital money. You can buy or exchange goods or services with Bitcoins via the Internet. It is a digital decentralized currency which price fluctuates on the market, through supply and demand. There is a maximum amount of 21 million bitcoins and therefore, Bitcoin is often compared with gold. Bitcoin has a number of important advantages over conventional currencies. The currency is not physical and therefore does not have to be produced. Nor can the currency be falsified. A bitcoin consists of a unique set of digits generated by the computer system. If you are in possession of such a code, you have a bitcoin.

Fast transactions

If you gamble with Euros or Dollars, then you’re probably familiar with the fact that you often have to wait a day or even longer before a chargeback from your online casino account to your bank account is paid. Many banks need more time to check transfers from a casino account to a bank account, especially because of personal details, the amount of the chargeback and more administrative reasons. Sometimes, frauds happen and banks must do everything they can to prevent them.


Payments via Bitcoin are entirely anonymous. So when you play at the online casino, you can stay completely outside the radar of any organization. You don’t have to give any of your personal information, bank details, address details or your name. Your privacy is therefore respected at a Bitcoin casino.

Innovative security system

Online casinos tend to jump with innovations, so it is already possible to pay with Bitcoins at many gambling sites. Have you ever felt that in an online casino the cards never came to your advantage? It is not proven that there is anything behind, but with the Bitcoin, you can feel 100% secure. Bitcoin casinos have implemented numerous innovations, which realise the concept of ‘proven honesty’.

Low transaction costs

Bitcoin sports betting sites can save on transaction costs, such as with a Credit Card. In addition, the software of Bitcoin casinos already ensures that they provide a demonstrably fair game so that a Bitcoin casino no longer has to invest in certificates. This allows Bitcoin sports betting sites to offer more innovative games, higher bonus offers and the house advantage is a lot lower than at regular casinos.


Ultimately, the Bitcoin betting sites can be trusted because they are transparent thanks to the Blockchain technology. Every company and every private individual who is affiliated with the Blockchain can see which transactions have occurred worldwide. This also applies to Bitcoin casinos and Bitcoin gambling sites. This transparency makes people believe in a new era for transparent gambling and doing business. Bitcoin casinos offer more transparency in transactions, profit opportunities and the fairness of the game offer. These are big steps ahead of regular online casinos.

Bitcoin Sports Betting – Why you should try it?

Betting on sports is traditionally one of the most popular ways to win money. For example, if you are really into soccer and you check the soccer news regularly, you can bet on soccer and win thousands. You can use your sports knowledge to win real money! Since the introduction of the Internet, it is possible to bet on sports online. When secure Bitcoin payments were introduced, numerous sports betting sites implemented them into their system. Many bookmakers can be found online who offer sports betting and although betting with the Bitcoin is still in its infancy, that offer increases steadily.

Bitcoin bookmakers

Presently, there are more online Bitcoin bookmakers available as ever before. The Bitcoin is worth thousands of euros nowadays and that value only appears to rise. Time for you to join in this revolutionary payment method. Because of the fast, anonymous way of depositing and withdrawing money, you can bet on sports using Bitcoin. It is very intuitive and easy.

Bitcoin is gaining its’ power

Bitcoin has come a long way but the first days of this cryptocurrency were hard. In the past, people weren’t interested in Bitcoin. Here and now, Bitcoin is more popular than ever and everyone has heard of it. The confidence of bookmakers to use Bitcoin as a means of payment is growing and that creates a larger market. A possible disadvantage is the price of the Bitcoin, which still brings with it question marks. Where one sees a stabilization or decline of the Bitcoin, others are more positive and they only see the Bitcoin grow in value. Anyway; For you, this is the chance to bet on sports with Bitcoins and obtain Bitcoin power yourself.

Which sports can you bet on?

Many people are interested in sports and they try their luck during online sports betting games. But what are the sports disciplines that you can place a bet on? And also, is betting with Bitcoin secure enough to do it regularly? Betting on sports with the Bitcoin does require some research because you have to be sure that you are dealing with security software. This software is necessary to optimally secure the cryptocurrency and it is also an indication that you are dealing with a reliable platform. This can also be measured on the basis of specific licenses to offer sports bets in combination with the Bitcoin. There are countless possibilities when it comes to sports betting with Bitcoins. You can place your bets on almost every sport you want. For example, if you are a huge fan of basketball, you can bet on your favourite team and enjoy watching online events. If you have adequate knowledge, you can become very very rich within seconds.