Have you ever experienced a very annoying moment when you are blocked from a website that contains valuable information you need? Well, that is only one of many problems that people often experience when accessing the internet and residential IPs could be the best solution to take.

Here are some other reasons why you need the residential proxies for internet browsing.

Why Do You Need the Residential Proxy?

There are many reasons to use the residential proxies that you should know.

1.Enable You to Share Internet Connection through LAN

Most of the time, families and small businesses apply one internet connection only for multiple computers. However, with the residential IP, it will be possible for small businesses or families to share an Internet connection for several computers at once on LAN.

2.Speed Up Internet Browsing

The residential IP will also make it possible for you to speed up the internet surfing. This is because all requests come from the computer users will reach the proxy server first. The computer users will also get feedback from the proxy server directly once it has caught the required resources through the local hard disk just before the web cache functions. In this way, your internet surfing will be much quicker than the direct accessing.

3.Improve Your Security

The residential IPs for sneaker sites can also serve to hide your IP address. In the other words, the proxy will enable you to do Internet surfing anonymously. The residential IP will serve as an intermediary between the internet and computers’ users to avoid unexpected access or attack. In this way, your personal and important information can be well secured.

4.Internet Access Control

The proxy server will also make it possible for the internet users to implement access controls for such as authentication for bandwidth control, internet web filter, online time control, content filter, and internet connection.

5.Restrict the Circumvent Regional

In most countries, IP-based geolocation is used by servers to prevent access to their services. However, the restriction can be avoided by using a proxy which is placed in the countries to allow the users to access the services.

6.To Bypass Security Filters and Restrictions

Are you worried that your Facebook and instagram account being blocked by your work office? Well, this is where the IP address will be very beneficial for you. The proxy server will enable the users to bypass the restrictions and then easily access the websites blocked.

How to Select the Most Reliable Proxy Provider?

There are many residential IPs proxies providers you can find out there. This will make it a bit hard for you to pick up the rightest provider that is perfect for your need.

Here are several things you need to consider before selecting your proxy provider.

1.Legitimate Source

The first thing you should consider is that the IP is provided by legitimate sources. Thus, it will be very crucial for you to do research over the services provided.

The real IP addresses will really give you peace of mind since they are safer to use. Moreover, you will be able to keep accessing whatever websites that are banned from the data center IP proxies even though you are using the proxy.

2.Consider the Speed

Speed is one of the most important things you have to check if you want to select the best residential proxies. You need to make sure that the proxy used will not slow down the internet connection while you are browsing. Be sure that the residential proxy provider will guarantee a decent speed for you.

3.Choose Big Names

Sticking with big names will be the safest way when you are not sure of which provider you should pick. You also need to note that residential proxy is generally expensive. Thus, you need to be very careful when choosing the provider to enable you to get the best deal.

In addition, the providers have their own plans that differ from one to another. So, make sure that you also consider the kinds of services you would enjoy from the provider.

The Best Residential IP Providers in 2018

Here is a list of the 5 best residential IPs proxies services which have tested and reviewed by stupidproxy.com,


Luminati is often considered to be the leading service provider of residential IP this year. The provider has given help to over 500 companies with their data scraping and internet use. The network of the Luminati consists of millions of IPs which provide real addresses. This will make it hard for people to block or banned the server.


This is another best IP provider on the list. The service provided will allow the users to use data harvesting tools safely. It also enables you to browse the internet without any blocking risks. For beginners who do need too many ports, the service provider offers a single port that the users can pay for $19 per month. So, both the beginners and expert users will get benefits from the services provided.


Microleaves consists of more than 26 million IPs around the world and considered to be the largest residential proxy network now. Every 5 minutes, the network of the service provider will rotate between your IP address and port connection.

The customer support offered can be accessed anytime. The service provider also provides 10 plans with different prices that the customers can choose to meet their need.


There are more than 2 million different addresses that belong to GEOsurf now in every big city in the world. This will allow you to get enormous reach whenever you have to face geographical coverage.

The service provider also enables you to perform high data requests parallel in fantastic speed to each other by using multiple IP addresses. The nicest thing about using the GEOsurf’s services is that you can get analytics and statistics board that can be used to help you monitor the data harvesting you have.