The gaming world is vast and dynamic, changing every year with different unique games and play-styles. But just like technology, they are both being developed and enhanced to be better all the time with new gadgets and gear becoming available to the public.

Take a look below at what some people predict the gaming world will be like in the future.

All the bets in

When you talk about gambling and betting, you think of boxing, horse racing and others. Even though it’s already happening today, it’s predicted that betting on gaming tournaments would be much higher and equal to other betting venues. If you’re a fan of online gaming and want in on the action, certified E-sports tournament betting sites would give you a chance to bet on your favorite teams and make your experience even more thrilling and exciting.

The Future of Gaming Tech

Whether it’s your hardware or extra gadgets, developers are predicting an increase in new and highly progressed technological gear and hardware for gaming. There’s going to be new and highly dedicated graphics processing units (GPUs) that manipulate the computer’s graphics and image processing in ways that won’t be too harsh on your computer and make the output of what you see even better and more real. With ray tracing technology on the rise, you would see gaming in a whole different way because of the accurate representation of lights-shadows-reflections displaying on your screen.

High HDR and G-sync monitors are being developed and, in the future, they will be such a sight to behold, even though they might be a tad expensive. There’s going to be new keyboards and mice that have some great lighting effects and shorter keys to add additional keys so that players can key-bind all they want and however they want it. The material used for them should be much more durable and stronger that withstands heavy usage, making it look like it’s brand new.

Most tech would be fully wireless, even though there are some wireless tech today, developers are already working on eliminating wires all together for everything. There’s going to be new developments in better SSDs with more space without the extra costs, developing quad level cells in a way where you’d get extremely huge space on your hard-drive and also make the read and write speed even faster. Every single piece of tech would make you even more connected and make your online gaming experience much better. The possibilities are limitless.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

These types of technologies are already available today, but developers still have a lot of tweaks to take care of to make it even better. There’s going to be new cutting edge glasses/shades that make you see the game you’re playing in the real world, without any image tearing or glitches; it would literally make it look like it’s there and part of the real world. There’s going to be a full haptic bodysuit for gamers soon where they would actually feel what they’re experiencing in the game.

It’s very exciting but scary at the same time; the idea of the suit is having electronic stimulation of your nervous system where you would actually feel hits, water and wind. Although the electrical surges to your body wouldn’t really stimulate what a bullet would feel like in real life, but it would be close enough without causing any real harm to your body. Getting into the virtual or augmented reality with 100s of people is already exciting enough. In the future, it would make you fully immersed to what you’re playing and making you see, feel and hear everything!

The Future is Unpredictable

Even though developers are saying a lot of things and showing a lot of demos of future equipment, it’s hard to predict how these things would play out when it’s spread to the masses. Also, technology is dynamic and increasing each day, there’s no telling what other technological breakthroughs in gaming could happen. But nonetheless, it’s still extremely exciting to witness.