Wondering what to do after your iPad is broken? Here is what you will need to do to get your iPad repaired without damaging your devices more and hurting yourself.

If you have ever had the worst day, then it might have been caused by the fact that the one iPad you depend on got broken.

If not then you need to know what next after it is broken and if you’ve already broken it, then this article is for you. Continue reading.

If your iPad screen, iPhone or iPod has broken, whether it is the screen or it has developed cracks, do not lose hope, you can get an iPad repair service from Apple but only if you do it in an appropriate way. While there are many other iPad repair services out there, taking your device to be repaired by Apple is the first thing you need to think about before you can opt for other iPad repair options.

Note that the iPad will still work with a crack in the screen. It can also function with a shattered display, but reading the display may not be clear.

Another thing you need to understand is that if you need your iPad screen to get replaced, you will have to pay some replacement fees. Apple charges fees depending on the iPad model.

However, you can still get repair services from third-party shops, but using Apple is beneficial since you will get a 1-year warranty once your iPad is repaired.

Now, let’s find out the options for getting your broken iPad repair.

  1. You can DIY

Yes, you can do it yourself, but wait, are you experienced? Are you knowledgeable about iPad products specifically the iPad, iPhone, and iPod? If yes, you can try to find companies that sell repair parts and tools so that you can repair it.

However, going this route might be tricky since Apple manufactures its products to be complicated so making repairs on Apple devices is challenging.

You can check on iFix which is a company that sells tools and parts to repair your own iPad. Understand that repairing an iPad is not like the way you can fix your car. Without some training and expertise, you may end up worsening the situation. So let’s go the next option.

  1. Use third-party repair services

The other option is to take your iPad to a third-party repair service. These repair services are plenty and in fact, you must have seen them in your area and you can use them to replace your iPad. The good thing about these services is that they are affordable and faster than Apple.

Note that different companies charge differently for repair services and many a time, they don’t publicly show their prices because of competition. If you find this one not suitable, you can check out next option.

  1. Use Apple repair services

While Apple is not the only option for this matter, it is the safest and reliable option you should consider when it comes to iPad, iPhone and iPod repairs among other devices.

Taking your device to Apple guarantees that your device will be fixed without resulting in additional problems.

However, this option is a bit expensive and slow. But you need to understand that Apple will not repair your device if you have ever taken it somewhere else, especially if you have voided the warranty, so, ensure before you can take it to Apple it’s still in the state you bought it, never opened by anyone else.