SAP is one of the most recognized software solution provider in the world. It is a German company which began operations in 1972 and since then they have been creating and updating   venture software to direct business procedures, which are also referred as ERPs. ERPs are the set of necessary tools used for processes and thorough knowledge is required to use it efficiently.

Types of SAP Courses

The practical facet of SAP is ABAP which in itself is a programming language employed to build custom information and augmentation based on customer necessities. SAP R/3 is the leading ERP software created by the SAP Company. It is an incorporated trade application in which all business dealings from diverse serviceable regions are stocked up and processed in a clear instance and relate together. The usable regions are known as modules.

However, SAP courses can be broadly classified as

Functional – Software solutions catering to specific functions within an organization such as human resources management, inventory management, Customer relationship management, Sale management, etc.

Technical – The focus of a technical SAP course would be on programming and module customization which can include server and data administration, programming, etc.

Modules in SAP Course

An SAP certification training course is a program presented by SAP or its associates that impart education on core notions related to SAP arrangement. One can get ready for an SAP certification in selected module. SAP course equips candidates and makes them knowledgeable in creating input screens, crafting stores of information, vital programming abilities etc. to carry out several responsibilities in the business. There are lots of modules in the SAP course such as Finance, Sales and Distribution, Materials Management etc. All these are practical modules which necessitate earlier field acquaintance and know-how to get a professional job.

Fee Structure for SAP Course:

Although the course is a bit expensive, it is a very valuable course to boost your career. There are various modules in SAP certification and course price for every module are different from each other. Fees of SAP course possibly will be different for every institute and it will cost amid 15,000 to 2 lakhs depending on the institute. If you choose to get a training from a certified institution, then the fee will be high if compared to local training institutions as it will approximately cost amid 2 lakhs to 3.5 lakhs.

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SAP Course Duration:

There is not any exact time duration for the SAP course.  It all depends on the course you are interested in pursuing, Courses can range from 8 to 12 weeks, and you can choose to do the course online or even opt for a full-time course.

Eligibility Criteria for SAP Course:

For pursuing the SAP course, the applicant should be

  • Graduate in Engineering, Science or Commerce
  • Or have completed any Masters Degree or MCA
  • If the applicant has any knowledge in the related fields such as purchase, production or any other relative course than it will be an extra benefit to clutch the associated SAP Module.

Why you should do the SAP Course

The SAP certification Course aids in authenticating the proficiency and knowledge of SAP partners, customers, software users as well as professionals positioned in SAP surroundings. The SAP certification is acknowledged internationally as a consistent, decisive factor for numerous functions and responsibilities. It is a credential that will not only boost your career but will also give you the confidence to take on better and more challenging work responsibilities.