CyberGhost is a capable VPN service that features a Windows client that is packed full of useful features while providing a solid user experience and simplicity of use. The mobile clients available don’t offer as complete as an offering as the Windows client by any means, but there are some useful features including the ability of Netflix unblocking, low pricing on long-term plans, and the chat support team is very helpful when needed.

There are some drawbacks including some servers having speeds that are lower than average from a performance perspective, the manual setup for OpenVPN is clumsy, support on the website is lacking, and for desktops there’s only a short one day trial period – starting with the iOS app though will get you a one week trial and so will the Android app and signing up for an account to get the trial isn’t even necessary on this specific app.

Our CyberGhost VPN Review

CyberGhost is based in Romania which allows the VPN services and its more than 10 million users to be free from abiding by strict laws and regulations like other countries have in place. The server count is over 3,700 that exist within more than 55 countries across the world. Torrents are permitted for use on many of these servers but not all of them are open to having them.

The best value CyberGhost VPN subscription plan is the three-year option where you can get it for just $99, which is a mere $2.75 per month. On just a monthly subscription plan you will be billed at a whopping $12.99 price point, a one-year subscription plan you will pay $5.99 per month, and on a two-year subscription plan, it will cost you $3.69 per month. You can pay via Bitcoin, PayPal, or credit card. They are so confident that you will like their service, that they offer a very generous 45-day money back guarantee.

The functionality, of course, consists of what you would expect with the usual VPN offerings but goes beyond with lots of other goodies, including:

  • You can block ads and trackers, and malicious websites.
  • You can always be sure that your connection is secure to the highest level possible through automated HTTPS redirection.
  • You can reduce bandwidth usage if preferred by leveraging data compression which can come in handy if your mobile plan is capped.
  • You can connect up to seven different devices at the same time which can be valuable as the industry standard is just five, so you get an extra two above and beyond that.
  • You get to choose which features you want to use and which ones to disable.

Performance Offered

Estimated speeds that you can typically expect are between 40-85Mbps on a fiber broadband line but speeds obviously fluctuate with many factors involved, especially with your operational location.

Our Verdict

There’s a lot to like from the CyberGhost VPN offering thanks to their exceptional Windows client, the wide set of features that are easy to use, and the low mid-term pricing offers lots of value. The ability to purchase and get all your money back within 45 days if you aren’t completely satisfied is also very reassuring for customers.