Should you localize or not? This is one common question that most software developers and publishers would want to know the answer to.  Offering software products in a single version is no longer the best choice, and especially when you want to gain international recognition. Even if your target users have the best English skill, and use the language for everyday communication, chances are that they may end up getting confused when they encounter technical phrases in your software.

There is no denying that non-native speakers can also get the meaning of simple software commands like ‘save’ or ‘close’. However, there are also a considerable number of inexperienced users who will struggle with meanings of notifications. One of the main reasons behind software localization with is to make your message clear to your target group.  But there are also more ways in which your users can benefit from by localizing your software:

Increase in sales and market share

After your software is made available in different languages, it will be easy for the business to venture into new markets. Coming up with a more localized software version means that you can sell products to different people across the world.  This will ultimately strengthen the position of your company, leading to increased profits.

Reach out to new customers

There are several strategies that companies use to increase the number customers and people who use their software. If software localization is done correctly, a wider audience will be able to access the software and operate it with ease. When your software is only available in one language, the number of users will also be limited since it will be restricted to a single region.  By adding more locations to your product, the number of buyers will also increase.

Better understanding of products

When your customers have a clear understanding of your software, they will be able to know how the product functions, and the correct way to use it.  But this is only when the buttons, commands, menu, and message are clearly understood. This is the only way to help customers know more about your products, without facing issues with language barrier.

Reduced support costs

If your customers understand the proper way of using the product, they will not contact the company for inquiries now and then.  This will also guarantee you the best customer experience

.  It also means that you will not have to spend more money on hiring someone to handle user queries.

Gain competitive advantage

With the tough competition experienced in the business sector, making your products available in different languages is the only way to outdo your competitors.  Your business will also be in a position to enter markets that are yet to be exploited by competitors due to challenges with language barrier.  If your competitors have already started localizing their software, you will be losing out on great investment opportunities if you do not follow suit.