What Are The Business Benefits Of Offering Free Wifi

Recently the world has changed in a big way for businesses of all kinds.  It is becoming more and more about the technology that you can infuse into it.  The thing about businesses and technology, however, is that they might not always work perfectly online.  One of the best ways that you can get over this little hurdle is in wifi.  No, seriously.  You should take a look at the option of offering free guest wifi for business.  These days it means a lot to the customer and it shows that you are going to be focusing on the idea that they actually matter no matter why they’re in your store.  Here are some great perks to hold onto.

  • Might turn potential customers away: As silly as it may sound, customers are going to be used to the idea that anywhere they go has free wifi. If they come to your business and see that this isn’t the case, they’ll decide to go to your competition that does give them what they want.  It’s as simple as the fact that they want free wifi and if you don’t have it, they won’t even bother coming to you.


  • Customers will want to come: When you have wifi available to customers at all times, you’ll find them coming to your store or place of work more often. They’ll shop more and enjoy spending time more often than you would have thought.  It speaks a lot to the customer and tells them that you matter when you come in.  This also helps you to build up a good repore with the customer, too, even if it is all unspoken.


  • They’ll see that you care about them: On that same note, a customer will be able to see that their needs are important when they come into your place. When they see that they can use their wifi without having to worry about the idea of paying for it or purchasing the password, they’ll find that they are more likely to understand that they matter in big ways.  It really is linked to a successful situation for both those who want to make sure that you succeed on both ends of the line.


  • They’ll become permanent customers: Customers want to know that people care about them professionally. By having wifi available at all times to them, they’ll see that and they are more likely to think of you and come back when the time comes for them to be able to use your services again.  This is great for when you are looking at building you business from the ground up, but also if you are already established.  A returning customer is valuable with all of the competition out there and you’re going to love that it is due to what you can offer them.


  • Word of mouth will travel in your favour: When a customer feels treated well, he or she is more likely to tell their friends about the experience and recommend it to all those who are looking for a place to go that offers your services. Since those friends trust each other, they’ll come and check you out and then you’ll have even more repeating customers which will always give you great business success to draw on.


  • You can track who comes and goes: There are specific perks that work in your favour, too. The biggest one is that you are going to be able to see who is coming and going as they move around the store and connect to the wifi.  You can see how they move through the store which will be able to help you see how comfortable of an experience it is for your customer.  You will be able, too, to see when they come, how long they stay, and whether or not they make a purchase by cross-referencing the data that you get from it.  If you want to see how it all works form their point of view in a passive way than this will help you.


  • More statistical input: The more data that you have the better, right? Well, as mentioned, access to free wifi will give you lots of information on the person that you are connecting to and making sure that you are always learning something about each person that comes in, as it pertains to your business and what they are interested in.  You’ll be able to see that they are moving to certain coupons and ideas and that they are checking out products on online catalogues that are viewed in the store.  It is data that you can learn from each time and you will be able to get the tasks and jobs done without worrying about whether it is accurate.  If there is anything that customers are accurate it with, it’s their mobile browsing!


  • It’s convenient: Lastly, you’ll be a great stop for customers who are looking for everything in one place. Free wifi and great services and products are what they want, and you will be able to give it to them in a format that they trust and enjoy when they are looking specifically for the best.  If you want to make sure that you are moving in the right direction, you’ll be able to see it by the amount of returning customers and popularity ratings that you get online.

There are so many perks that you can take a look at when you are looking to be able to get the most out of customer satisfaction and so many occur with the offering of free wifi.  Whether it was something you had thought about previously or not, you are going to want to seriously take a look at it and really look at whether or not this is the best idea for you or not.  We hope that you’ll see it all as worth it for the sake of your professional reputation.