Crypto wallets allow cryptocurrency users to easily and securely store their digital private keys and public keys. Users do not need to learn the intricacies of how digital wallet software works. They only need to register a cryptocurrency wallet account through their cryptocurrency platform of choice and they are all set to use it for crypto exchanges and purchases, online and off.

What is WebWallet?

WebWallet is the cryptocurrency wallet software and portal that DasCoin users will be registered to use for all DasNet transactions. DasNet participants can use WebWallet as a secure access point to their vaults and wallets.

Like Bitcoin wallets, DasNet’s WebWallet will be used to store personal details to authenticate transactions. However, different from Bitcoin-based, third-party wallets, WebWallet will also hold your authentication information.

That includes both your Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) details.This is in line with their unique requirement that all DasNet members be authenticated.

How to Use WebWallet

How WebWallet works is a combination of adigital and offline operation aimed at boosting account security, ease-of-access to your digital currency, and maintaining your privacy even on an authenticated network like DasNet.

Currently, WebWallet users can view a history of their transactions, check vault balances, purchase NetLeaders licenses to gain Cycles, and access DasCoins after the minting process.

WebWallet has DasExchange built in and securely facilitates internal trades. It will also securepublic transactions when DasExchange goes live in March 2018. This means you will be able to trade DasCoin all in one secure, fast, and convenient blockchain-basednetwork. This does not happen anywhere else.

Using WebWallet gives users the added benefit of not having to share their personal information, or to be at the mercy of third-party web wallets.  Doing sohas caused mishaps in the past on other platforms, users such as Bitstamp and Mintpal Moreover, WebWallet facilitates transactions with multiple other cryptocurrencies on DasExchange including:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ripple
  • Ethereum

How Secure is WebWallet?

DasNet supports the use of a hardware device, The Validator, to offer a more secure way to secure your account details and for verifying transactions. Even if a hacker was able to get you’re your WebWallet username and password, they would not be able to access your account unless they physically possessed The Validator.

WebWallet supports transaction-processing in just six seconds. This is extremely vital for DasPay, the DasNet based mobile pay solution, when it goes live starting June 30th, according to NetLeaders and Carta Worldwide.

With these attributes, WebWallet might play a huge role in transforming how cryptographic transactions and crypto mobile payments work in the near future.