The increasing role and place of technology in our lives has always faced ambiguous attitudes – from excitement to fear. Skeptics believe that technology is taking over human lives and dehumanizes it by substituting human communication, eroding human relationships, and increasing human isolation. Fans of technology are optimistic and confident in their belief that technology moves progress and makes people’s lives easier, better, more interesting, and more enjoyable. Indeed, both opinions are true in some occasions, but what about students? The student age is vibrant, the speed of life is overwhelming, the workload and intensity of social activities are immense. Don’t students, especially those who live according to a schedule like this, “I will visit lectures, then go to a library, then go to my part-time job, then do my papers, and then visit a party,” need the assistance of technology? Definitely they do; otherwise, they will need extra 10 hours in a day to be able to complete all plans! So, this article is essentially about ways in which technology can be used to the benefit of students. Enjoy some pieces of advice you might not know, and take them as your secret life hacks to make your student life easier!

 Schedule Your Classes Wisely

Now you don’t need to sit for long hours trying to plan your study schedule, or haste from one part of the campus to another one between classes, and this is all due to digital course planning! This great innovative tool enables students to take advantage of the Smart Planner that allows them to make an easy and comfortable choice of all courses they need for degree completion. Moreover, the planner contains exhaustive information about the courses and takes into account the student’s individual educational needs, which makes the course choice a wise, well-thought process. As a result, you have much time saved, the rate of drop outs from courses falls, and student satisfaction grows exponentially. To date, the new course planner’s integration was announced by the University of Arizona, but many other educational establishments have some analogs and implement the system as well.

Virtual Classrooms

Another way in which technology is of indisputable aid for students is online learning; the introduction of e-learning platforms and courses has changed education forever. Now students from any corner of the world can enroll to colleges and universities of their dream without leaving their motherland. People with disabilities and those living in distant, rural areas can also get a degree of virtually any educational establishment providing online education. All this can be done with only one tiny requirement met – having an Internet connection and some device on which you can study.


The times of students carrying heavy rucksacks with books to their classes are long gone; paper books are an old hat, and the majority of students use them only in rare cases. Instead of them, e-books can be downloaded to any gadget and carried to classes in a pocket. This makes the lives of students much easier, as in the past, leaving some book at home meant that you cannot participate in a class normally, while now you have all books in one place and they are always with you.

 The Power of Social Networks

Some years ago, you had to take risks when buying something, or travel somewhere. As for books, you also had to spend much money to buy new materials for studies. Now things get much easier with social networking and connectivity that is getting increasingly commonplace. Thus, at present, you can easily find some people online who sell their books or any other things, and purchase all you need for college in an instant. Peer feedback and reviews may also become a valuable source of information about courses, nearby places for relaxation, etc., and you will not need to test things yourself to get frustrated and waste money for trash.

 Instant Access to All You Need

As you might have already understood from this article, students enjoy many benefits from technologically enhanced education. Summing up, one should note that it is mostly all about instant access – to schedule, to books and materials, to outside sources needed for assignment completion, to library, and to other students. This is what really makes education faster, easier, and more enjoyable for students, so we can surely say that while technological advancement is really scary at times, for students, benefits outweigh disadvantages – at least now.