Wallet Factory is a shining example of a tech company that offers groundbreaking solutions in the field of mobile financial services to businesses from numerous countries of the world. The company was founded only two years ago, but it has already spread its operation to Europe, the Americas, and Asia.

WF focuses on providing its customers with the most advanced versions of its unique product, namely the white-label e-wallet app. This fully-featured wallet app ensures seamless and secure B2B transactions which take place between actors in many fields of online and offline business. Apart from providing an innovative product, Wallet Factory offers a full range of auxiliary services from design to user acquisition.

What You Need to Know about White Label Digital Wallet from Wallet Factory

When it comes to offering financial solutions that include mobile digital wallet in e commerce, there’s no one better on the current IT market than Wallet Factory. The industry of smart finance and online shopping has entered its golden age, and Wallet Factory has set itself an aim to disrupt it by offering the fully-customizable digital wallet with an unprecedented level of functionality. The company’s primary focus lies within the scope of the following industries:

  • Telecommunication
  • Banking
  • Postal services
  • Fuel retailers
  • Online shops and digital business

By downloading an e-wallet app, the customer acquires the white label wallet that passed the company’s strict quality control. It can be further customized to meet the customer’s business requirements associated with digital money operations. The Wallet Factory’s mobile wallet app also comes with the following in-built features:

  • KYC and user verification
  • Online invoicing
  • Money transfers within the country and abroad
  • CRM data analysis
  • Masterpass QR code payments and NFC payments
  • The possibility to integrate any digital money, including cryptocurrencies and fuel cards
  • Loyalty and rewards programs

Although Wallet Factory was founded only in 2016, it has already taken the e-wallet sector by storm, marking the beginning of the revolution in digital payments. Rest assured that the customer won’t be able to thank you enough for integrating this digital wallet into your user interface.