VPNs were always on the radar and were used on and off for different reasons. However, these days, almost everyone has a VPN installed on their device as it has become an integral part of the internet. Previously, people only used them to bypass blocked websites, while the rest of the features were completely ignored. However, things have changed now as users have realized how much potential VPNs have and how much of their internet experience can be improved because of them. They are not only here to provide access to blocked sites, they offer way more features that are essential to have in the modern day internet usage.


There is literally no security on the web. A few protocols are present, but they can be bypassed quite easily by any skilled individual. To counter this security concern, people have started to seek help from VPNs. Not a lot of people are aware of it, but VPNs like https://www.falcovpn.com/ come with multiple layers of security protocols that allow users to surf the web without worrying about online threats like malware. Although malware has been a huge issue in the past, but it wasn’t as prevalent as it is today. The reason behind this sudden surge are the people who spend a large chunk of their time online without any concern for their security, and this decision comes back to haunt them. The simplest way to keep such hackers at bay is through a VPN. When a VPN is enabled, it becomes incredibly hard for a hacker to do anything. They are faced with multiple layers of security protocols and not a lot of hackers have skill or time to bypass all of them. The only option they are left with is to back out.


Privacy is a huge concern for the people in the modern day. Almost everyone knows that as soon as they hop online, they are being watched and each and every one of their activity is being tracked. Fortunately, privacy concerns can also be countered with VPNs. A VPN enables its users to switch their server to a different location with a different IP. The best part is that they don’t even have to do anything for this to happen. All they have to do is enable a VPN and everything will be done on their behalf. They will automatically be switched to a different server. The actual IP, however, will still be there but it won’t show any activity because with VPN enabled, users on a completely different location with a completely different IP address. That’s the best way to mask online activities nowadays and a lot of people who crave privacy are making use of VPNs for this very reason.

Access Region Locked Content

There are a lot of streaming options available these days including Hulu and Netflix. However, the problem with these two platforms is that they offer the best of the bunch to USA. This means that people all over the world aren’t able to utilize their streaming services to their fullest just because they belong in a different region. However, with VPN at their disposal, they switch their location to the U.S. and are able to enjoy the service just like a U.S. user would. They can then access the most popular TV shows, music, and movies, which initially were not available for them. This provides a great value for them and that’s one of the reason people have become so fond of VPNs.

VPNs have always been brilliant, and now they’re finally getting the attention that they deserve. They offered the same utility before but due to lack of awareness, not a lot of people made use of them. However, now that their security, privacy, and streaming rights are on the online, they have begun to see VPNs potential and that is the main reason behind this sudden surge in popularity of VPNs.