Virus Protection for Your Android

If youare looking for the best virus protection for your Android device, itis time to download AVG antivirus app to your phone. This app is free to download from Google Play and has over 100,000 downloads and counting. You can enjoy a variety of protection options for your mobile, tablet or phone and rest easy knowing your information is being looked after and secured. This app offers a variety of options for your use that will start running immediately after you download it. The best part about a quality antivirus app is that you can just kick back and relax while the app works its magic. No maintenance or upkeep is needed, you just simply need to configure it when you first download it and the rest is history.

Protection from Danger

When you download AVG antivirus to your phone, you start getting protection on your phone right away. The app runs silently in the background, helping you to keep track of your mobile data usage and scan your apps and files for viruses or malware. The app itself will also kill any type of task that may be running without you being aware. This helps to give you longer battery life and to keep your phone running more efficiently.

Security Options

The mobile security you gain from this one app is outstanding. You are immediately protected from malware, spyware, viruses and hackers who would try to steal your private information. Options such as the ability to remotely lock your phone if it is compromised, track your phone with Google Maps, and to lock your photos with a secure passcode are just a few of the popular features you receive.

The app also offers security against downloading dangerous apps and will alert you to those files or media that you should not open. It also will scan the Wi-Fi network youare considering connecting to so it can warn you of weaknesses before you connect.

There are numerous features that will help you to secure your phone from virus attacks or malware. Keep your phone protected and your information secure with the right antivirus mobile application.

One App in particular that is highly regarded is AVG’s Antivirus for Android. This app can be found on the Google Play store and is compatible with smartphone, tablets, and laptops. AVG has been spent many years perfecting antivirus for desktop computers. However, in recent years, with the demand of great mobile society applications for smartphones increasing, they have developed just that. They have taken over 25 years of expertise and put it into the ultimate mobile security tool. They currently are offering a free 30-day trial of their App, which will make all of the Pro versions features available to you. Take advantage of the free month trial and see if it is worth the extra buck to upgrade to Pro. The first thing you should do when getting a new phone is download the proper Antivirus. I suggest you start with AVG’s free Antivirus and make you decision from there.