In this modern world, almost all the kids are using the internet and smart phones even in the small ages. It might be beneficial to know the technologies but at the same time it would be the dangerous thing to involve them in the different types of unwanted activities. In order to avoid these kinds of risks, all the parents should need to take a moral responsibility of keep tracking the online life of your son or daughter with the help of the wonderful parental controls on iphone application.

Why choosing Kidgy app for parental control?

When you are in need of extraordinary parental control for monitoring the smart phone usage and internet life of your kids, it is better going to the Kidgy app which is available for both the Android and iOS devices. Kidgy is one of the leading parental control mobile apps for all versions of the iphone devices.

It actually servers as the best digital assistance to all the busy parents who would like to monitor the activities of your kids from the remote location either in office or anywhere. It is definitely the stress free tracking mechanism of both the physical and online activities of your children. Similarly, this parental control application also helps checking the current location and all other activities remotely using the pairing application on your computer or mobile phone.

Benefits of Kidgy app for iphones:

Kidgy is absolutely easy to use parental controls on iphone app which helps all the parents manage online activity, manage or delete apps, monitoring call logs & messages and all other things done on your kid’s smart phone. The following are the most considerable benefits of the Kidgy application with the extraordinary parental control. They include,

  • Monitor – The online activities of your kids such as conversation through the text messages, all apps and calls can be monitored using this Kidgy application.
  • Manage – Today, over 73 % of the teen agers are always online with an average of five hours in a day. So, the parents can have the best level of management to control all the online activities of your kids with the help of this application features.
  • Protect – There are thousands of registered predators online to trick your son or daughter into texting and also meeting a particular person. So, you have to protect the usage of the social media and other websites by your kids. There is an excellent block feature in this Kidgy app to block using such sites.
  • Educate – The parents can make normal home tasks fun and simply with the help of this Kidgy and you can set all of your necessary tasks remotely while monitoring the online activities of your children through this app.