Useful Tools for Every Advanced Salesperson

Organization of sales faces challenges, on which the business depends. The job of every salesperson have many pitfalls and troubles to be solved. The following tools are the best instruments to increase the efficiency and productiveness of any sales rep. They deserve your attention.


Content is the key to productive sales. Postwire is a tool to share content in an effective way. Using this service, you obtain a place to organize and share content both internally and externally. It supports any kind of documents and files.


Almost all sales reps know about the Evernote service. This tool enables to chalk out important things to be remembered. It provides automatic synchronization with your PC, saving your time and efforts.

Challenger Selling

Challenger selling is not a tool or some app. This is an old-school technique, which stipulates some debate with customers. This does not involve scaring, but convincing of customers that it is only your product or solution can help them. This technique requires fast thinking and good knowledge of business. Try it.

Call Tracking

Any sale is likely to be performed if a sales rep possesses enough information about products and services. Call tracking provides information, required for marketing initiative (email newsletters, PPC ads, offline/online/mobile ads, etc.). The rep may need the caller’s name, phone, and other information, to start the conversation in proper way. It is recommended to have a call tracking tool integrated with your CRM. Thus, the information of a caller will be automatically entered into CRM.

CRM Mobile App

This tool appears from the previous point. CRM is a very useful tool and it can reveal all its benefits when used as mobile app. The most famous CRM,, provides an app to update activities, schedule follow-up calls, and many other options. A device of every good sales rep must have the CRM mobile application installed.

NetHunt CRM

This is a special CRM tool, which is perfect for salespeople using Google Gmail services. NetHunt involves all function required for an advanced salesperson, including email tracking, unlimited custom fields, records and views, personalized mass mailing and others. This tool is integrated in Gmail and supports other Google applications. As advantage, NetHunt is available as mobile version for both Android and iOS.


If you are tired of Excel spreadsheets and various reports on expenses, including traveling, lunch, unexpected ones, you will definitely appreciate Xpenser. This tool enables a salesperson not only to track expenses, but also to export all the data in the cloud. It is a perfect tool to save your time and therefore money.


Most of the people consider this service as a simple social network, but it is a big mistake. LinkedIn has a lot of advantages to offer. This service is a great place for any sales rep, providing helpful content, prospects posing questions, and many other valuable options. Do not neglect it.

And the last important advice. Nowadays, there is no need in some particular place to work in. Anyone can work freely from home or any place around the world. Even when you are on the road, there is a huge amount of tools to assist you in your activities. Take advantage of them and improve your sales and efficiency.