Are you wondering which are the most used apps in this 2017? Let’s make a ranking, talking about social apps as well as those that are useful for work or for fun.

There are so many applications that each of us uses throughout the day. This is because, thanks to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, you can always have the best of what you need. Do you need to chat with your friends or contacts? There are some apps. Do you like play games in your free time? There are some apps to do that. Do you want to bet online? You can do it easily!

In short, there are so many applications and so many are the uses that can be made. Of course, there are some applications most used than others and this is because users consider them the best. Here is the list of most used apps in 2017.

The first, for sure, is the Facebook app. We are sure that everyone downloaded it on a smarphone or tablet. This is the most used app alla around the world, because each of us is on Facebook. This is the first and most used social network. For that reason, Messenger too is an application that can stay in this list. This is the social network’s chat and there are billion users. We are sure that these two apps are on all your devices. Snapchat and Instagram too are in the list. Instagram in particular, in this last period has a growth. On the contrary, Snapchat is still living a hard moment, but is always loved by youngs and not only.

We can not forget Periscope, anothere loved app. This app is full of a smart technology to make live broadcasting easy. This app is property of another very used social network, that is Twitter. So you can sharing in a very easy way what you want and when you prefer.

We have to mention WhatsApp and Telegram, two instant messaging applications. There is who prefers the first one (that now is for free) and who prefers the second one, but they both are very famous.

These are only some of the most used applications of the first half of this year. They are not the only one. In fact, we have to suggest some betting online applications. Which are the best? We know that fun is very important, especially after a hard work’s day. That is why it is also important to know what apps are for fun. Many have the passion for online betting. In this specific case, we recommend choosing only safe and reliable applications. One of the most used in 2017? No doubt William Hill android betting app. Have you already downloaded it on your smartphone or tablet? This is the most popular and used application of this year because it is the property of a very secure bookmaker. To have fun and place your bets, this app is the best!