The property industry is at its boom and real estate agents are highly influential in the way people sell, buy and rent their properties in UK. There are many startups that have changed the real-estate landscape in a number of ways.

Proptech startups have increased in popularity and many consumers are using applications and seeking out easier ways to deal with property matters. Platforms like ‘Settled’ and ‘Virtual Commercial’ have entered the commercial arena offering consumers a beneficial platform.

Propillo is one of the UK Proptech startup that have primarily focused on the diverse matters and subjects of online mortgage. Mortgage-tech companies are B2B companies that facilitates the consumers regarding part of the mortgage application process.

Propillo is one of the most active platforms in UK that facilitates the consumers with a wide range of mortgage products. Recently, it has even launched free online mortgage teaming up with the Mortgage Advice Bureau to provide expert advice all across UK. It has collected over 70 awards in the past 7 years which is indicative of its competence in this subject matter.

Nevertheless, this UK Proptech startup has the expertise in mortgage related services. With over 90 lenders and 11,000 products, it is one of the most diverse platforms in the context of online mortgage. Given the complex financial nature of such products, it is difficult for lay people to purchase a product that meet their needs and preferences. Propillo provides information on various aspects of mortgages. From different types to its flexibility and tenure to complete procedure, there is a vast amount of information on this platform that helps the consumers to lay their hands on the best digital mortgage available.

It has launched free online mortgage to cater varying needs of people of different character. The best part about this platform is that you can find a mortgage instantly for free. It is one of the most flexible platforms over the Internet which offers a personalized experience to the users. There is an adequate amount of advice that people can access for free with a user-friendly interface laid out.

Most consumers find it difficult to manage their mortgages. Even though it may seem simple in the beginning but it might turn out to be complex in the long term. Propillo even provides mortgage calculators which can be utilized to get insights into the benefits and detriments of overpaying mortgages. In a nutshell, this platform has the ability to provide each and everything related to mortgages.

Over three months of 2018 have passed and many Proptech startups have showed up in the market. Propillo has successfully made in the market offering services that not all platforms have the ability to offer. It is one of the best platforms where online mortgages can be accessed. Even some of the financial players in the market have emphasized on the benefits of online mortgage lenders rather than resorting to banks and Propillo may help you find them.