If you’re a fan of online poker, did you know that you could enjoy a little extra cash in your pocket every month simply by signing up to the WSOP Action Club? Chances are you’ve heard of WSOP – they are the legends behind pokers largest and longest running poker tournament, the World Series of Poker, which this year will celebrate its 49th year! WSOP believe in rewarding loyalty – so if you already play with them, or play online but aren’t currently reaping any cash benefits – today we’re looking at how the WSOP Action Club will work for you and how to get started.

One massive perk of the WSOP Action Club is that you are rewarded for every hand that you play on WSOP.com, rather than just on the hands you win! This makes it far easier, and faster, to earn cash rewards than on other poker sites.

Forget about detailed forms and sign ups – all that’s necessary to get cracking is to head to the site and start playing in real money cash games. As you play, you’ll work your way up through the monthly tier levels. The first tier you’ll kick off with is Copper, which you’ll reach as soon as you earn two Active Player Points (APP’s). These are the points that you get for returning to the site to play online poker. It doesn’t take long at all to start earning cash rewards – you can start redeeming your points for money the minute you hit Silver status, which requires just 200 APP’s per month.

It’s also worth noting that the more you play, the more you’ll be rewarded through the club’s various tier levels, which include Gold (400 APPs), Platinum (1,200 APPs) and Diamond (3,500 APPs). The higher your status, the more WSOP points you’ll get for each APP, which allows you to earn cash at a faster rate!

If you already play poker online, becoming a member of WSOP Action Club makes total sense, as it allows you to earn from simply enjoying your hobby!