Website builders are specifically used to build good quality static websites as fast as possible with little or no technical knowledge. A user can choose the look and feel of his website from hundreds of web templates that are offered. After choosing a website template, web content can be filled using simple forms. All the technical stuff is handled at the backend.

Most of the websites hosted on the web are simple static websites. People who own such websites are mostly small or middle sized businesses simply looking for an online presence for their offline businesses. With growing demand in simple website creation solutions, many web hosting companies started offering easy-to-use website builders as one of their services. In this article, we discuss the feature of the website builders offered by well-known hosting providers.




Godaddy is one of the top companies in domains sale/purchase business. They were one of the first few companies to enter the domain registration business throughout the world. Provided their earlier initiative, GoDaddy gathered a large user base, most of their customers are static website owners on shared hosting plans.


Godaddy has a high quality website builder, which is known as GoCentral. GoCentral is free for the first month. It is a feature-rich app that can be used by non-technical users with ease. Users can select a theme, add or remove pages, preview pages before publishing, manage social buttons and widgets on the site and even upload, remove or resize images. Besides static images, sophisticated image slideshows, contact forms along with embedded Google Maps can also be created right from within the tool. Overall, using GoCentral is very similar to using MS Word.




iPage is also a well-established name in the web hosting business. Just like Godaddy, iPage was one of the first companies to enter the industry in 1998. They offer very low pricing to start off that makes their web hosting service worth trying. iPage comes with three integrated website builders, i.e.  Weebly, and Ecwid.Ecwidis a well-known brand among online store owners. Weebly and are among the best and latest Website Building tools available in the market today. These three tools are well known for their ease of use by non-technical users. You are required to create your accounts with these website builder providers and pay extra for their services additional with iPage pricing. Taking into account iPage pros and cons, it’s most suitable for people who are already using one of these builders and are looking for a reliable and cheap hosting provider.




Just like Godaddy, Hostgator is a popular name in the web hosting business. Hostgator provides impressive features like payment processors integration, embedded HD videos, revision history, google analytics integration and coupon codes for online Stores. Hostagtor’s Website Builder has hundreds of templates to choose from and can easily be used by businesses selling their products online. They also provide a basic blogging application. Just like GoCentral, Hostgator’s website builder is user friendly but is more feature-rich than GoCentral.