Top tips for mobile marketing and mobile app success

Today, everyone is thinking mobile and as a direct result, companies have to adapt and come up with their own mobile applications. In a world where everyone is trying to create their own app, it’s getting harder and harder to stay original but most importantly to flush out the characteristics that are good, and not those that are bad. It’s very easy to get trends started where bad features are included in apps. Luckily, this guide will shed some light on the different things that a mobile app needs in terms of SEO and appeal to have it make users go nuts over it.

24/7 support

If an app breaks or major problems are detected, it’s important to know that someone is on the job and ready to get things fixed. There is nothing that turns people off to a mobile app faster than it not working properly. App having a bug for the last 4 hours? Time to delete it. That’s pretty much the mindset of most electronic consumers today. If it doesn’t work immediately after it breaks, it’s getting tossed.

Extra features

Apps nowadays need extra features that will spark things up a bit and create more diversity. So aside from the features that most people would expect from a specific app depending on the nature of the company it’s representing, it could also include fun or useful features like free music downloads for Android for example. Things like that help the app stay on top of its competitors and also and some personality and distinction to the table.


The app needs to be intuitive or else people won’t bother learning how to use it. Things must always be one or two taps away and a simplistic design such as the Material Design concept from Google will help people not be frightened by how complicated it seems to use the app. If it’s not complicated to use, there’s no reason why it should look as if it were.

Discrete and insistent

There needs to be a perfect balance between being discrete but also insistent enough that the newest offers and deals reach as many people as possible. Annoying adds that pop up in the user’s face when they least need it will only cause them to hate the app. Instead, the app should focus on more discrete solutions such Push notifications for example. These are something that users agree to receiving and they come in a format that doesn’t annoy or hinder users while they’re browsing the app.

Taking these elements into consideration is the first step towards the creation of a competent and competitive app that will pose a threat for other similar apps in the market. If there are no similar apps in the market that’s even better as it just means that it only has to outdo itself.