Every year, new tech trends and innovation come out. There are some that stand out more than others. In this article, we shall examine the top six technology innovations of 2018.

1. Siren diabetic socks:

Siren is a company that manufactures Neurofabrics. In 2018, the company introduced its diabetic socks. This pair of socks helps people that are living with diabetes to avoid amputation. There are sensors in the fabric that monitors the temperature of the foot all-round the clock, so foot injuries can be found and discovered early. Once the socks detect any inflammation, the wearer will receive notifications via text message or a mobile app. The socks can be washed by machines. They are dryable, and they do not need to be charged. Users receive five new pairs of the socks every six months to ensure that the accuracy of the socks is retained. Thanks to this pair of socks, people living with diabetes can prevent serious injury and possible amputation.   

2. HP Z 3D Camera:

Camera 3D is a 3D scanning software that is used in hardware devices from HP. Users can rotate objects in their hands to get 3D models that can be used in Web VR, Office PowerPoint 3D and other software. 3D objects can be scanned with computer graphics friendly resolution and super realistic textures that can showcase color, displacement, and other properties. With this technology, VR artists and other 3D creators can capture real-world objects without buying specialized PC.

3. ReSharp:

ReSharp is an automated knife sharpener invented by Dmitriy (Jim) Kolchin. This automated knife sharpener can sharpen different types and lengths of knives with varying knife edges. The machine scans the edge of knives and grinds a controlled, burr-free bevel to the knife edge. A microscopic camera is used to detect the burr. Resharp is fast and can sharpen any knife in less than one minute. The belt angle, speed and pressure can be customized. Located at Hassett Ace Hardware, Palo Alto, California, the Resharp machine is a game changer that is different from conventional knife sharpeners. There is a lot of space in the machine for storing lots of knives. Thanks to this technology, people can use knives safely, and they won’t have difficulties in getting their knives restored to factory condition.

4. The Nura Headphones:

The Nura headphones is a headphone that can deliver personalized sound for any individual. Within 30 seconds, the headphone can determine how an individual perceives sound and adjust the audio playback according to this. The headset works by playing some tones and detecting the otoacoustic emission of the inner ear in response to the sounds. The headphone uses an in-ear and over the ear design to let designers experience bass in a tactile way. The headset comes with dual layer noise isolation that doesn’t let any sound get in or get out.

5. 3D Touch Surface Display:

3D touch surface display is an innovation that allows drivers enjoy digital content without getting distracted. This touch surface allows drivers to access their display menu blindly without looking at the display and allowing them to focus on the road. Users get a high-quality plastic surface feel with finger guidance. The 3D touch surface uses a combination of haptic feedback and passive feedback for an optimal experience. It is the first of its kind in the world.

6. AR4X AI security camera:

AR4 is the world’s first AI security camera. It comes with a powerful CPUs and cloud data mining for recognizing human faces, human bodies, animals, vehicles and other objects without the need for an external computer. It can work in combination with other similar AI cameras to share data and form a cloud network. The camera is also fully effective at night. House owners will get alerts for unidentified faces and intruders. The camera can recognize multiple faces (over a hundred) at the same time. The technology behind the camera was used in the movie ‘Why Him.’


We are not yet done with 2019, so there is a whole lot of technology innovations to watch out for. Judging from what we have so far, this year promises to be an exciting one.