In the recent years, 3D printing technology has evolved to a great extent and the concept has been applied to a number of different fields. Not only in the industrial field but also on the personal level, 3D printing technologies are now being put into use. The basic concept of 3D printing involves the melting of a thermoplastic filament into a shape fed to the software of the machine and then allowing it to cool down.

This is where the filament is being used- for bringing out the shape of the object. The 3D printing filament is made of different thermoplastic polymers like the polylactic acid, carbon fibre, and the polyvinyl alcohol. A nozzle is used in this technology to squirt the molten filamentous substance into the shape of the 3D programmed object in layers. These filaments come in a variety of colours and the material variety offers a huge platform for the 3D printing.

If you’re confused about what 3D printing filament you should use, then here are the top nine filament brands that will offer you some of the exquisitely finished results!


Matterhackers is one of the most popular 3D printer filament selling company. The company hails from California and it has become quite popular all over the world owing to the wide variety range that the company offers. The material range and the colour range of the filaments are extremely wide and so you will have a lot of options. Lifetime support, free shipping and consultation are some of the best customer services they offer.


Founded in 2013, Colourfabb is a Dutch company who deals with the 3D printer filaments. The filamentous material revolves round the PLA 3D printing technology with bright colour ranges including the sky blue, the fluorescent green and even the standard white. Free shipping is only possible within Europe. The quality of the filaments is not negotiable and this has promoted the growth of the company in this sector.


Filamentum is mainly a Netherland operating company that deals with the 3D printing supplies. Their main focus in on the various sorts of the printing filaments including the ABS and the PLA filaments. The colours of these filaments are multifarious in nature including the blue, lilac, black, silver, red, and so on.

4.3D FilaPrint

3D FilaPrint is a British company that deals with the 3D printing filaments and its subsidiaries. The materials that made up the filaments of this company are mainly ABL, PLS, Nylon-6 and HIPS. These filaments come in various shades of black, green, yellow, white, purple and blue. This British company provides free shipping to the areas within the country itself.

5.3D Prima

3D Prima is a Swedish company who deals with the various 3D printing accessories including the printers, software and the scanners. This is the best online store for filaments owing to the variety of the material and colours of the 3D printing filaments. PLA, ABS, PETG, HIPS, Nylon-6 are the main materials used to make the filaments. Free shipping is done when the orders are above €100 within Europe.


This company was founded in 2011 and is a British company dealing with the 3D printing filaments. They specialize in distributing the PLA filaments in various colour shades. Apart from this, this company also deals with providing consultation to the business firms regarding the incorporation of this technology in the various industries.


Formfutura is a Dutch company that specializes in selling the filaments for the 3D printing. PLA, ABS, HD glass, HIPS and the speciality filaments are the main concerns of this company and each group comes in a variety of different colours.


Lulzbot specializes in selling a variety of different 3D printing filaments along with focusing on the PLA 3D printing filamentous technologies. A wide range of colours is available in each group of the filament, making the company one of the best choices.


This is an American company and is considered to be a mogul in this industry. PLA, ABS, flexible and dissolvable are the four main varieties of the filaments manufactured by this company.

While choosing the filaments, be careful about the quality of the product. Higher the filament’s quality, higher will be the quality of the 3D printing.