Since it was first debuted in 2009, League of Legends has gained a huge following of players, all of whom have contributed in some way to its ongoing story and mystique. Not all of these marks on League of Legends history have been positive, of course – some of them represent plays which were silly and sometimes downright hilarious. Nevertheless, all of the plays make for entertaining viewing, whether good or bad, and they all contribute to new players learning how to play properly for full enjoyment of the game.

Remember that this list is not definitive; there are huge numbers of awesome plays out there, and you can easily find them by yourself. If this list inspires you to try League of Legends for yourself, then buy League of Legends accounts – Smurf and LoL accounts for sale.

  1. xPeke Humbles Dade

When the world championship came around for the fourth season, all eyes were on Samsung Blue (through player Dade) as the people who were going to take the championship without breaking a sweat. Dade and his team had never been beaten before, and were not expecting what happened

However, xPeke, in a completely out of left field play, teamed up with Fnatic and showed their own abilities by going up against Dade and coming off the better of the two, completely outclassing Dade and his team.

  1. Teleport

​This is another tale from the season four championship, but unfortunately it is not one of success. It is one of failure. The skill of teleportation is a difficult one to master, and therefore is something which is generally only attempted by top-tier players, who have a lot of experience in the game mechanics of League of Legends.

Poor LEP, having made his teleportation carefully unobtrusive by channelling it under the turret, ended up materialising directly on top of another player, Cloud9, leading to his avatar being erased from the map by default.


  1. The Twofer of Fnatic

Every so often, players come out with a thing of beauty, which will go on to become their signature moves in gameplay. The first ever world championship as played in League of Legends saw two of these signature moves make their debut – Fnatic’s death brush, and DobuleLift’sFacecheck.

  1. PENTA!!!!

While playing in the sound blaster championships in 2011, a player from the US managed to pull off what came to be known as a Penta-kill – the first one ever in the history of League of Legends play.

  1. For the Empire!

The team known as Empire was a fairly background team from Russia during the sixth global challenge being held in Kiev, but it was brought into focus after it pulled off a move known as the Wombo Combo, immediately qualifying it for inclusion in the main challenge.

  1. To Infinity…and Beyond!

An all-star math-up saw one team – Insec, take advantage of the game mechanics of League of Legends by getting the drop on their enemy, Yellowpete, and sending them into oblivion.

  1. Madlife Again

The player Madlife can do no wrong, it seems, but his perfect timing of a hook during a simultaneous flash movement is definitely one of the highlights of his play history.