On issues to deal with selecting proxies for SEO, several marketers go for shabby proxy lists with public IPs since they are the free selection. Remember they are free for a purpose since they might be unreliable.  We provide you with a guide to proxy service and when you want to buy private proxies, we offer the most important factors to think about prior to purchasing a proxy and the exact place to buy.

As a marketer, who is a project beginner, you may chose scraped proxies since they the cheap solution, but remember it might take time and effort for this set up to realize results since most public proxies are unreliable and may set back your results.

Below, we have listed the top 5 reasons why you should buy proxies for SEO.

  1. Private proxies will work 100% of the time.

Extremely few public proxies will work perfectly since most scraped proxies sometimes work and sometimes fail to work. With private proxies, you are guaranteed a 100% performance. In fact you can be guaranteed to use the same proxies for long time projects. Remember with public proxies, you need to check their uptime and connectivity frequently where as private proxies; you can let them run and scrape for a long period of time in a row devoid of the risk of losing a connection.

  1. Private proxies for SEO are unidentified.

With private proxies, the chances of getting your real IP address disclosed are minimal. They safeguard your privacy and search engines or any other web source you are connecting to will not be able to disclose your real IP.

  1. Private proxies have passed the Google test.

People mostly misuse public proxies nowadays thus making the chances of them being expelled by Google high. You will have to run the proxy checker in ScrapeBox for you to do Google queries otherwise you might not be able to connect to the search engine.

On the other hand, with private proxies for SEO, you are guaranteed 100% connectivity to search engines. In fact if some of your proxies are expelled by Google, the provider can always refresh your IP.

Private proxies for SEO guarantee your connectivity to search engines. In addition, if some of your proxies are banned by Google, the provider can always refresh you IP.

4.Private proxies can increase your online presence

You can start you online campaign by buying some private proxies. Once you have purchased your proxies, include in a piece of software and get to work. You will be amazed by how faster you can build an online presence when you mix proxies and SEO tools.

SEO tools help you to work at a faster speed and the private proxies safeguard your identity.

5.Private proxies can be used to promote other projects.

Private proxies can be mixed with other proxies to further minimize the cost of buying proxy and in addition, you can use private proxies to promote your social media sites.


As I have mentioned above, you can use scraped proxy for SEO although they are sometimes unreliable. Therefore if you want to run a SEO project for a long period of time, then you need to buy private proxies since you are guaranteed uptime and your connectivity to search engines or any other site you would want to run queries on.