Good and bad are two sides of a coin, one doesn’t come without the other no matter what you are talking about. Similarly, the recent technological advancements have given us so much to cheer about. The internet, Artificial Intelligence, Businesses and Decisions support systems, and of course Social Media. But where there is good, there is bad as well, in the shape of different types of evolving viruses, Trojans, worms, and the sneakiest of them all, malware. Malware stands for, “Malicious Software”, and it works by infiltrating your computer system without your knowledge and works its way up to harming your system and your life, depending upon its functionality. So what does the future hold for these malware? How does they relate to the progress of computers, and what should be expected from them in the future? Let’s find out.

SPOILER: If you are thinking that in the near future, malware and other viruses will be totally eradicated, we can tell you with absolute assurance that it’s not going to happen.

Cloud storage will be Malware’s largest bunny:

Following the trend for the past 2-3 years, cloud-storage will continue to be the foremost target for these malicious software. In the recent past, a lot of celebrities have been a victim of invasion of their privacy, and this will probably continue on happening. But why is it so easy for cloud storage to be hacked by these malwares? Simple, more and more people are shifting towards storing their data on the cloud server, which makes it a hacker wild dream, and on top of that, these cloud-storages don’t implement the conventional security protocols like firewall or Windows Defender, which makes them sitting ducks for cybercriminals.

Cybercrime will enter the spotlight:

As it has been doing for the past 18 months or so, cybercrime will finally complete its transition to being a mainstream criminal activity in the recent future. Cybercriminals will be treated to the same sort of criminal standards as the other criminals, and this will most likely be a good thing, because previously, cybercriminals used to escape justice as the laws about the field were very ambiguous.

Phishing will increase:

Phishing means to dupe casual users of internet into revealing their sensitive information, like their credit card information, their passwords, and other stuff, by defrauding them. To do this, most phishers use a landing page that looks exactly like the one these users want to go to, but it is spelled a little differently and rely on the user mistyping the web address of the website they want to go to. For instance, if a user wants to go to Facebook, and instead they type, they will go to a landing page that looks exactly like the landing page for Facebook, but isn’t exactly that. Unknowingly, they enter their email address and password, and voila, the hackers have their information. No top quality antivirus for mac can help you in this particular situation, because it is not a virus, they just dupe you to do something that you shouldn’t have done. Particularly now that SSL certificates are being handed out for free to anyone who launches a website, this abuse of SSL will continue, increasing phishing with it.

New ways of affecting your computer:

Hackers have already developed fileless malware, which doesn’t require the writing of any .ini or .dll file on the system of the host, but still does the very same things that a malware is supposed to do. This works on directly writing the malicious program on the RAM of the system instead of the hard drive, effectively nullifying the efficiency of antivirus programs. Since antivirus programs won’t have any file to pinpoint as a malicious code, it won’t be able to detect it, and hence, delete it.

Internet of Things:

A fancy concept for everyone in the field of science and technology, and now that it is here finally, people cannot stop but blush about it. But in the recent future, IoT DDoS attacks will increase and take everything with them like wildfire. Since it is the internet of things, even if one appliance in the house is affected, it will take down the entire house with it.