Horror games have long moved from niche to mainstream. Some franchises, like Resident Evil, managed to sell over 50 million copies worldwide. This popularity is a direct result of the success of some classical horror game series that are still played by thousands of fans, even though most of the original games were issued in the 90s. We take a look at some of the legendary horror game series that helped shape the industry.

5 Most Significant Horror Games

  1. Silent Hill. Silent Hill is a classic Japanese survival horror game issued in 1999, although this genre was introduced by another franchise, Resident Evil. It is also one of the most prominent examples of psychological horror. The game is centered around a mysterious town Silent Hill, where a satanic cult worshipping evil spirits thrives because of the belief that the town is forsaken. It has a total of 12 games, with the first and fourth parts being the most commercially successful.
  2. Resident Evil. Resident evil began in 1996, it is yet another successful Japanese franchise. The gameplay is centered around characters that fight against Umbrella Corporation, responsible for designing a virus that turns humans into zombies.  This was the beginning of survival horror, and its action, puzzle solving and exploration plotlines made it a huge success among players worldwide.
  3. Alien. Unlike Resident Evil and Silent Hill, Alien was originally a movie that was later transformed into a game, and not vice versa. There have been 18 games published in total under this franchise, including Alien vs. Predator in a few variations. The most successful games of the series are Alien: Isolation of 2014 and Alien Vs. Predator of 1999. Strangely, the first Alien video game issued 1984 was a failure, despite the film’s big success earlier in 1976.
  4. Alone In The Dark. It was created in 1992 and set the standard for future survival horror franchises mentioned above. It is centered around a haunted mansion where the previous owner hanged himself, and from which the player needs to get out. The franchise consists of 6 games, and is considered classical for the genre of survival horror.
  5. Dead Space. It is a recently born franchise that has had huge commercial success in 2008 with a sequel and a prequel that has also been very successful. The plot revolves around a space base on a faraway planet, where captain Isaac Clarke is trying to get out of an abandoned ship infested by monsters, who happen to eat human faces. The monsters are his fellow crew members that fell victim to a strange extra-planetary signal, and the captain is trying to find more information about it. The game sold more than 4 million copies, and offers a truly horrifying experience with HD graphics and interactive cut scenes.

These games have their rightful place on the pedestal of horror game industry since their impact was one that took the horror genre to a new level and set the standard for the future horror game development.