Top 4 Bluetooth Competitors

Bluetooth technology uses radio waves to connect items like a phone or computer to accessories that are traditionally attached with wires or cables. For example, Bluetooth headphones connect to a phone or computer through these radio waves instead of having to be plugged in to the computer or phone. Some of the items that use Bluetooth technology include a computer mouse, portable speakers, headphones and car radio and audio equipment. If you are in the market for a new piece of Bluetooth equipment, you may be wondering what to see in Arizona and how to get there, or who the top Bluetooth competitors are. Here are a few of the top competitors and what sets them apart from the crowd.


Sony has long been recognized as a leader in the electronics field. However, they are also setting the bar when it comes to Bluetooth technology. While they have many Bluetooth capable products, including headphones and speakers, their Bluetooth enabled DVD player is what sets them apart from the field. When you get this type of DVD player, you don’t have to worry about wires behind your TV and DVD player and trying to connect the two. You simply sync the DVD player to your television and off you go watching a great movie. Time will tell what new and innovative products Sony will enable with Bluetooth in the future, but they are one to watch if this technology excites you.


UE, or Ultimate Ears, is a brand that not many people are familiar with because it is relatively new. However, they are making a name for themselves with many unique and creative Bluetooth devices. If you love music and want to take it with you wherever you go, this is the brand for you. You also will not have to worry about being pulled over for a ticket that is only dismissible by taking traffic school when you have these non-distracting products in your car. They make many innovative products like headphones that work underwater and indestructible speakers. But what really sets them apart are their party speakers. You can connect up to 150 different speakers to one device when all the speakers are UE brand. If you enjoy raves, blasting music with your crew at the beach or pumping up the music at a party, UE is a brand you may want to look at.


When you are looking for quality headphones or speakers, Bose is the brand to turn to. And it doesn’t matter if you want Bluetooth or wired versions, as you can expect a quality product with this brand. Bose speakers and headphones always rank in the top spots in terms of quality and sound. They use the newest technology to filter out outside sounds and increase the quality of the sounds you are playing through their device, leaving you with a clean, crisp sound quality. If you want the best of the best when it comes to headphones or speakers, Bose is always a great bet.


The last of the top Bluetooth competitors on our list is JBL. JBL has consistently delivered quality Bluetooth products that are affordable. If you want a Bluetooth waterproof portable speaker, headphones, home theater equipment or phone docks, this company makes it. While there is nothing especially innovative about their products, they are high quality, long-lasting products that always have good ratings at a lower price point than other high ranking products cost. If you need standard Bluetooth-enabled items and sticking to a budget is important to you, look at JBL products.

Bluetooth technology is fast-moving and ever-changing. As technology continues to advance, new players may emerge as being top competitors, while old favorites may fall off the radar. However, at this time, Sony, UE, Bose and JBL are four of the top competitors for a variety of reasons. If you need a Bluetooth product, look to one of these brands when making your next purchase.