For every business out there, social presence is an absolute must. Apart from helping you to promote your brand, social media allow you to connect with your audience. All in all, your potential customers are already there. All you have to do is reach out and start a conversation.

There are still certain challenges. Content generation and optimization alone take too much time, which is why it’s important to have your own arsenal of SMM instruments.

See how you can be most efficient on social media with the following 10 handy tools.

  • Hootsuite

This online service helps you manage multiple social accounts, pages and groups in one dashboard. You can schedule and post content, track its performance, and optimize for the future use. With Hootsuite, you’ll also be able to create campaigns from templates, launch and monitor them.

  • Buffer

Like Hootsuite, Buffer allows connecting your multiple social accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+) and managing them from one app. It offers a useful set of scheduling, link tracking, and analytics tools.

  • Buzzsumo

This one is a content marketing tool which lets you discover the most shared content by your competitors or industry influencers. By using it, you’ll get ideas on whom to follow or what to write about. You can also utilize Buzzsumo for tracking your highest performing content.

  • Socialoomph

Socialoomph is another tool for content management on different platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and even your blog). It is especially useful for those whose primary medium is Twitter: you’ll be able to add up to 5 accounts, get keywords notifications, send an automated DM to your new followers and automatically follow them back (if you are a paid subscriber).

  • Newoldstamp

With this service, you can blend your email marketing efforts with social media management. By including social links in your email signature, you could easily get new followers, send a Facebook event invite, engage recipients in a LinkedIn discussion. You can look at the best email signature examples  and generate your own one or use templates.

  • Bitly

You probably know Bitly as a link shortener, but there is much more to it. With its help, you can not just make links more elegant, but also track them and analyze performance of each piece of content that you share.

  • Pablo

Pablo is an unsophisticated graphic tool from Buffer that helps you create visuals. Here, you choose an image from a built-in stock photo library, pick a template, add a caption and customize it, and then share to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or download your image to use in future campaigns.

  • Piktochart

To create a perfect blend of informative, visual, and highly shareable content, you will need to master the art of infographics. Piktochart makes it easy even for marketers with no background in design. The service offers a large library of templates, icons, backgrounds, photos, and customizable graphs to draw attention to any topic.

  • Canva

Canva is probably the most comprehensive tool for marketers who work with visual content. With this service, you’ll be able to create everything from image quotes and eCards to mindmaps, info posters and graphic presentations.

  • Pixabay

Although it is a photo stock, this website perfectly fits among top 10 social media tools. It contains a vast number of free photos, drawings and cliparts that you can use to spruce up your content. If you don’t have a photographer or an illustrator in your team, you can always grab some pics at Pixabay.

Whatever goal your business pursues, there is no way to do it without social media. That’s why you’ll need the above tools to save your time and maximize your efforts. Use them to gain followers (through an email signature), create vivid content, optimize publishing times, track performance and engage with your audience.