If a person is not a writer by nature it is a very tough task to write an essay. But the students can’t ignore assignments which include essay writing in the academics. If students are not natural writers then there is no possibility of drafting help with essays assignments as there is a need to elaborate the main content and concept. They should have a brief analysis on the topic, pictures and thereby include polite and clear statements and phrases.

The writing skills will be improved with the essay writing. It will be useful for the students to build strong communication and career in writing.

Drafting an effective essay can help the students to get great grades at school and it can help them in presentations at any competitive programs and examinations.

What is essay writing?

According to the expert’s point of view, an essay is a piece of writing which is non-fictional but are subjective. Essay writing presents a thesis or a proposition. While writing an essay it should include a point of view, interpretation, analysis and facts and procedures. It is an uncertain projecting of a story.

Top tips for the students to frame an effective essay

There are many kinds of tips that are implemented by the expert writers and are described below:

  1. Understand the topic

Understanding the topic in a clear way is one of the easiest and major approach while writing an essay. In the understanding process, the student will get great ideas to draft an essay. If students dig some topic and start understanding the topic, they will automatically get unique ideas to frame that projects.The students should read the question in many different angles. There is no matter how many negative answers the students will have, understanding the topic in different ways can bring out more possibilities of writing an essay. Students need to read the given question repeatedly and analyze on what exactly is, and how to convey the matter in a professional way. Note every point in detail and explore things easily.

  1. Schedule time

After completion of the analysis, the students should schedule the time period to complete an essay. They should develop a plan in a way that conclude everything about the topic. Students should consider the given question and write their statements and arguments clearly. They should also do research in the scheduled time period and outline the topic. This scheduling phase plays a major role to write and complete the essay in a given time.

  1. Do research

The students should research more on the topic in Google and related search engines. They can also rewind the old articles and news for having an clear idea. This research will help them to build the best articles or essays. They have to dig information about what the previous writers have written on the same topic and what is their key competence. Later on, include some fresh news and points that relates to the subject. Copied content cannot be accepted and will not be encouraged by the masters some times.

  1. Frame the introduction

The introduction is a main focus part of the essay, readers will be attracted in this stage only. The students have to draft it in a conveyable manner. Add a few history related and latest statistics of the topic in the introduction so as to look fresh and updated. It should describe the purpose and subject of the essay. It can include some background knowledge on the particular issue the student is addressing.

  1. Don’t put the copied matter

The students should keep in mind that, they can refer the previous essays or articles but they should not copy the exact matter. Because it will majorly effect on the essay. So, the matter of the content should be unique. Try writing genuine and correct information in the essay neither writing lengthy and unnecessary content. There are many applications that are available in the market which can be used to know the grammar mistakes and related ways to implement words and structures. There are a few applications that identifies whether the content is copied or unique.

  1. Give the examples

In the main body of the essay, include subheadings, definitions, and examples. For each and every description or procedure, it is suggested to add a relevant example that match the actual meaning. It is also suggested add some new and understandable examples that are worked in the real time. Because most of the reader understand the concept with examples rather than long paragraphs. So the students have to collect examples that match the topic.

  1. Create sentences

Sentences in a paragraph should conclude everything clearly in a detailed manner. Students should concentrate more on sentence formation. It can include topic briefing, procedure explanation, and writing of features in format. One-one steps for making the essay look interesting, use bullet points that end up with the next steps of essay.

Many sayings and words that are posted by experts can also be used. However the format is addressing in a proper way is most important.

  1. Write the conclusion

The conclusion part will give a clear statement and summary about the essay. Writing it in a proper way and in a simple way is to be concentrated. Provide a few extra tips and resources in the conclusion. Because if the described information is not clear the readers look for the resources and bookmarks. So it is necessary to conclude a bottom line at the end of the essay.

  1. Proofread the content

Once if writing the article is finished, students need to cross verify the essay from starting to end. Proofreading the essay many times may expect at least one mistake. Try reading it after sometime, so as the intention of the reader will be changed and is allowed to identify more mistakes.

  1. Add finishing lines

This will help the students to give the best output to the readers. Students should check the essay order wise and paragraph wise. The strongest point of the essay should be in a first paragraph and last paragraph in the body, other detailing can be in the centre of the essay body. Paragraphing the sentences into subdivisions increases the visibility. Add some related and catchy headings to the paragraph.


These above are the tips for students to write an essay in a format.  The essay includes many kind of factors like time management, planning, spontaneous, poetry, patience, etc., The students should maintain their time according to the topic. The research part will help them to think new. In turn, they will get unique ideas by referring other essays.