Snapshot is a lot more than a social networking site akin to Facebook or perhaps a quick messaging client such as Whatsapp. It is a social networking site with ephemeral messages, that is, all you share with your pals is only going to last a couple of seconds, and also no person can see it a second time. With Snapchat you could send pictures and even videos adorned with text messages as well as drawings to the contacts you want. The things you send is called snaps, which can just be visible for 10 seconds at the most, and after that, they are going to disappear from the recipient’s display screen. And they will be removed from the Snapchat hosting server; there will be no trace unless of course, the recipient takes a screenshot of a screen on his gadget.


Snapchat is one of the most used Android applications currently. The application has a huge success, so at we show you some Tips and Tricks and menus that can be very practical to get the most out of it.


Take A Screenshot

Some probably read this article in the hope of discovering how to make a screenshot without informing the user of the one taken. There was a way, the way was to go into offline mode, see the photo, make the capture and then manually close the application, but this trick no longer works.

There is still a gap in the iOS 11 beta to make a video on the screen, but it’s only a matter of time before the problem is resolved by the Snapchat teams. We remind you that according to the conditions of use of Snapchat it’s forbidden to make screenshots.


  1. Take A Look At All The Options

You probably already know how to access the options. They are directly on the main page, that is, the one located between your conversations and stories. Drag the screen from top to bottom and click on the small wheel that is in the upper right.


What you may not know is what the additional options are. By clicking on manage, you can activate the filters, such as travel mode, discover the emojis and see for what purposes the (numerous) authorizations necessary to use Snapchat.

If confidentiality matters to you, think carefully about looking in the Who Can make “category,” to choose who can contact and see your conversations.


  1. Use Several Filters At The Same Time

Snapchat allows you to use several filters on the same image, which can be useful in certain circumstances. For example, you can add a graphic filter (how to make the image in black and white) and an additional filter (for example, show the time on the image) to transmit additional information to your recipient.


You Can Easily Add Filters To Your Photo

It’s very easy to add filters. First, you take the picture; then you just have to slide to the side to find the filter that interests you. Once you find it, keep a finger on it and then Swype (slide the screen with another finger) to choose the second filter.


  1. Improve The Security In Your Account

Like other similar services, Snapchat offers security for your account. If you select this security, every connection made from a new device must be validated with the help of an SMS.

The service can be practical, but this means once you have to give your phone number to a company. It’s up to you.


  1. Limit Battery Consumption

Snapchat has two important technical defects: it consumes a lot of battery in certain devices and tends to consume a lot of data. It all depends of course on the size of the files you receive and, of course, how often you use it.

Snapchat has activated a little trick to limit consumption. Travel mode allows you to disable the automatic loading of images and videos (especially useful for stories). Also, you can choose to open a certain image manually.


  1. Modify The Texts In The Images

You can add text about your Snap (Snapchat desktop) but, do you know how you can change the size and orientation of the emojis and text that you add?

Add Emojis (Smileys) To Your Photos

Nothing simpler: Press on T to write your text, enlarge it and find a color palette on the right. By pressing the color bar, you will have 3 columns with the color gradation. Once the text is placed in the image, you can expand or reduce it, and then move it to the desired area. You can also define the inclination.


  1. Switch From Camera To Video Jack

When you send a video, you usually use the front camera. That said, at any time of the video you can switch to the back camera, to show something that happens in front of you.

Use the camera change button (top right, with the arrows), or double tap the middle of the screen.

You want to activate this function in: Settings> (options) Manage> Travel mode.


  1. Change The Name To Your Contacts

Do you know too many Marias? You can change the names to improve the management of your contacts. Keep pressing on the name you want to change, in the new window click on the wheel icon, and you will see the option to change the name. Save it, and that’s it!


  1. Cheating With Geolocation Filters

Depending on the country where you are, you can access some more specific filters. Do you want to embarrass your friends without traveling? It is perfectly possible to make your friends believe that you are on the other side of the world, without leaving the sofa at home. How? Deceiving Snapchat- For this, you can use a Play Store application that cheats with GPS, there are several at your disposal


  1. Create Your Own Geolocation Filters

After all, why break the coconut to cheat with geolocation filters if you can create yours? Well, of course, it’s a feature especially reserved for companies, since ordinary mortals do not necessarily need this functionality unless you’re organizing a rave.

It is, on the other hand, the first thing you ask Snapchat when you want to do your location filter in a community setting (for a school, for example), personal (to celebrate your birthday), or professional? Whatever it is, the filter will be as you hear it, an area that you can delimit, although the size of the area is proportional to the price.


  1. Add Sound To Your Videos

Snapchat allows you to record the sound coming from other applications. Other Apps like WhatsApp cancel the sound output when recording videos, but Snapchat has done the opposite: it launches its music (through Spotify, for example) and then launches the video recording.


Lastly, if you are looking for ways to improve your Snapchat skills, the above are the top 10 tricks you need in your arsenal to make you so famous that the queen of social networks Kylie Jenner will ask you for advice.