Viruses are as bad for a computer as they are for the human body. They soak up everything good and leave the system in a dysfunctional state. We all must have had an encounter with a computer virus and that experience must have had us shouting at our laptop screens, that why me? Well, it can happen to anyone which is why these antiviruses are here for the protection of your computer system.

There are tons of companies working their best to develop the best kind of anti-virus that can protect the system holistically and some of them are almost there and quite competent to protect your system.


This is one of the best anti-virus available out there. It is the most reliable options that you have which offers great functionality at a low price. The stores have the latest 2018 version of the anti-virus available with them which can offer you real time protection from all the computer viruses out there. The tech advisors recommend this for protection against malware, spyware, viruses and ransomware. You can definitely assure a holistic protection for your system. You could easily buy an antivirus like this through a store and make use of the flipkart offers to get good discounts.


The makers of this antivirus say that it offers you rock solid and reliable protection which is actually true. The software for this anti-virus is quite accurate and to the point and doesn’t cost much. You also get a password manager feature in this through which you can easily manage the account you have, the only drawback could be how it needs a lot of energy for functioning. What you will love in this software, more than anything is its web filtering function which makes sure that all useless data stays out and all your important stuff like passwords, financial info etc. stays put. The excellent anti-phishing tool keeps your system away from all the dangerous sites across the web and trust me you don’t need much more than this in an anti-virus.


Norton anti-virus has been here for a while and has been one of the most popular companies in this area. You don’t need to much with it, it’s a smart software which will automatically protect your computer from all malicious malware by hunting it down. The reason this software has made the list is because of its price. Everything about the software is definitely great but the price is really low for something so great which is why it’s in the top list. Not just that, it has tons of feature for those who require them, like URL blocker, on demand scans etc. you can be worry free about your system with this anti-virus.


What many anti-virus softwares propose is to be light on the system and not taking up much memory space but this hasn’t been seen in any other anti-virus except for webroot. This doesn’t mean that any of the feature of the antivirus has been compromised, it still stands in the top list as it gives real time protection for sure. You get firewall protection, smart behavior monitoring, real time anti-phishing, network connection monitor and what not. This is the perfect choice for you if you don’t want your system to lag because of the anti-virus software.


Even anti-viruses have levels of expertise depending on the kind of user they are catering to and a clear example of this is the Eset Nod32 2018 which is an expert level anti-virus and is definitely not built for beginners. It’s relatively expensive than any other anti-virus and comes with malware protection, an anti-ransomware layer, exploit protection, URL filtering etc. the device control module is the best feature that this software has because it limits the threat from devices like USBs, hard drives and even Bluetooth devices.


The one thing that this software gives and no other does is unlimited installs. Its like a family pack and can be used by a whole family or on how many systems you want it on. Except for all the layers of protection that the software already has, you get file shield, web shield, built in firewall and a ransomware module. Your computer will stay protected from each and every aspect and angle. The numerous system scans available with the package are another add on that can be utilized to me protection to the system. This product is very modern and according to the systems being used today.


The product says that it has been made accordingly and puts up a big front of total protection and it definitely lives up to it. The package for this anti-virus isn’t costly like others and offers good protection along with an over all security to the system. One thing that this software is good at is making sure there are no unauthorized devices near you by checking in a thousand square foot and lets you know about it if there are any. It’s definitely a good deal for the price you are paying.


This anti-virus has all the required features an anti-virus software should have and much more than that. It’s subscription offers 3 accounts for the price you are paying. Security is the software built on personalization and it has this adaptive feature which adjusts itself according to your recent activities and provides protection according to that. You can easily dodge unauthorized devices and websites with this and make strong passwords that are not at all easy to crack. An added benefit of the software is that you can use it in your mobile phone as well without any extra charge being taken from you.


This is a special software built to protect all the systems connected to a home network. You can easily detect any kind of extra user using your home network connection while protection all the systems connected to it from any virus being transferred. It also has an identity protection feature which makes sure no information about you is leaked anywhere and you can use the child protection module to monitor over what your children are seeing. It can also be useful for gamer set ups using the same network as it has a game booster feature as well which blocks all pop ups etc. it has many other features which you can explore on purchase.


This is the simplest anti-virus you can get on the web and it isn’t exactly built for very high-tech systems. It can be used at homes which don’t have much usage of the system but still protection is required. You get the basic firewall and URL blocking option and password manager etc. are not present. It is still good and has basic features which would be more than enough for a basic system. It puts up a good deal for the price being paid.

These are most of the anti-virus softwares that the world uses and are the most trusted ones across the web. Buy any of them according to your requirement and you will be good to go on the real time protection from any kind of virus present out there.