Composing an essay can be challenging, especially if you want to develop a professional essay. Class assignments within a semester can overburden students; most students might not have adequate time to complete all the assigned work. There are several accessible online pay essay writing services and huge volumes of online resources that make it more complicated for students to choose the right content to compose. Writing an essay is not about collecting numerous data, it’s important to gather beneficial information from reliable sources and to put them to use.

Most students feel overwhelmed by a lot of information and find it difficult to put them to good use. However, with the right application and devices students can find make use of several online applications to help in developing the perfect essay and come up with excellent composition. Compared to custom essay writing companies websites like is easy to use online brainstorming software that can assist a student to choose an appropriate essay topic and share it with friends. Using students can brainstorm on essay topic ideas using a colorful mind map and share the ideas with friends. provides a visual thing to structure information and gives you a better understanding and also generate new ideas. is a brainstorming tool that helps you not only develop ideas, but also simply organize your thought online. It is easy to use tool that displays your idea and a great way to jot down and map your essay ideas quickly. Using,  students can work collaboratively to generate ideas using mind maps as part of their discussion. The software enables individual students to add ideas on the same map from different computers at the same time. The tool is useful in several subject areas to organize concepts, ideas and enable students to work on the step by step process of different projects.

Similarly, students can use space jock features to manage essay assignments, especially when writing research papers. Spacejock is a software designed to help writers manage huge volumes of work because it provides easy features. You can add chapters, shuffle them and review your project at each stage. You can create a template that will guide you on how many chapters or paragraphs you want for your project. It helps you break down your assignment into chapters or scenes and also keep track of your work. Writing a huge volume of papers can be confusing when working on a huge project; therefore you need an outline for your project. Spacejock is ideal because the app helps you piece together ideas and your plot and enable you to have a summary of the project.

Write2lite is an online tool that assists students to organize their essay ideas. Itunes write 2 lite is an online application that helps students take down notes and ideas anywhere using pads. With an integrated Dropbox, and the text expander helps create and edit your idea or an essay from anywhere. Write 2 lite is an iPhone app that helps you with writing if you have ideas and don’t have a pen or paper around you can use this app to type your thoughts. The itune apple write2lite is a unique software for note taking, plain text editing that has the power to solve your writing problems. Its unique features include the ability to synchronize test in different devices via the Dropbox.

You can download your file or send your work to anyone via email or as a PDF attachment. When you turn on the auto-sync feature, you can use the application on several other devices. You can work on your iPad then transfer the completed document to your computer or vice versa. It’s a  convenient application for taking notes while in transit. Whether you want to write down quick ideas, a list of things to do or capture quick notes or perform anything that deals with text file write 2 lite is an ideal application to use.

Additionally, students can utilize Writer application as a reference tool for writing a five paragraph essay paper or any other essay assignment like college application and dissertation. It is a writing guide that helps you by providing the full glossary of literary terms through its interactive features. Students can access several sample papers are arranged with appropriate content, style, and concise organization. When you click on the content, a detailed definition of terms is revealed, including instructions for proper use of grammar.  The tool guides users on proper use of English grammar, useful for essay writing.

Essay samples provided are written by professionals and can easily be used as a guide for students when developing their essay. Students can view examples that are graphically displayed to help them visualize how some of the essay features can be applied; these include style, coherence, and organization. Writing a good essay is not an easy process, it requires brainstorming before choosing the right ideas and paying attention to small details.  Thankfully, there are several apps available online to help students develop a perfect essay without much struggle.