An iPhone is one popular gadget amongst people all around the world. iPhone has made lives very simple and easy. It is rightly said that the world is at the touch of iPhone screen. An iPhone comes with various features which are helpful to us in all walks of life. Apart from contact numbers, song pictures games, we have started using iPhones to save various different documents relating to our business work and other miscellaneous fields. Personal conversations financial information, private photos and videos notes and passwords are all kept safe in the phone.

How safe are all our valuable documents on i-phone?

The question arises how safe is the above-mentioned things in an iPhone. Can we be sure that the secret data cannot be accessed by a stranger if one gets hold of your iPhone? No worries the iPhone has many features which are followed keeps are saved data secure and protected. By following a few simple steps we can keep our data to ourselves and intact. There are many options the iPhone gives us. We don’t need to follow all of them. It is up to us to decide what we need to secure the most and accordingly choose a feature.

If a stranger gets hold of your iPhone for sure you would not want your data to be seen red or misused. Let’s see what we can do to secure the above and how to back up iphone:

Opt for a four digit pin code

In general, we use a four digit pin code for unlocking iPhones. It would be better to use a chord with the combination of letters numbers and symbols. The password should be requested soon after the screen is unlocked. The ‘erase data’ option can be kept on for extra security. In the case of theft, the data will automatically be erased if an attempt to fill the passcode fails in 10 times. To be on the safer side we should keep a backup of all the data saved in the iPhone.

Lock the phone by pattern lock

One other way of locking the phone is pattern lock. We can set a pattern on the phone which enables the phone to open. Fingerprint option is also there. It is said that no fingerprints are the same. If the iPhone has been set to open with your fingerprint no one else can hack it which again keeps the entire data safe on the phone.

Keep notifications to pop-up on our lock screens off

The messages mail appointment confirmation codes one-time password can be seen if these notifications pop up on the screen. Strangers can easily over see these data in form of notifications.

Two step –verification code ensures utmost safety

It is rightly said that anything once done is good but if done twice is all the more better. It is highly advised to set a two-step verification code for Apple ID and iCloud. When we register for the two-step verification we do it for one or more devices under our control. We receive a four digit verification code through SMS. And we need to identify ourselves by entering a password and the four digit verification code whenever we sign in to manage our Apple ID iCloud iTunes or any other App from a new device.

Siri, opt for good features on your iphone

Siri is a good feature on the iPhone which is very helpful for our day to day working. It can be the best personal assistant to remind you your meetings appointments etc. But amidst that, it is likely to give away confidential information. Siri communicates with anyone and not limited to the command of the device owner. We should avoid activating it from the lock screen on a ‘Hey Siri’ voice command.

Keeping the automatic iCloud sync off would also keep your data secure. Once synced, the data can be locally deleted but it stays in the iCloud server which again is dangerous.VPN or virtual private network is a tool which gives extra security to your device. This helps in encrypting Internet traffic.

We should keep the ‘Cookies’ turned off in our device. Cookies are small files generated which have our basic information when we log in to some website. If we keep the cookies off the access to a personal data in an unauthorized way is reduced.

Similarly, it’s best to opt for factory reset iPhone software to restore electronic device to its original system by means of erasing all the information stored on the device in an attempt to restore the device of the software.

We should avoid applications in our device to access to our contacts photos messages and other private data. This would not let Google Facebook or any other sites know are our personal information.

We protect and secure our information and data on the iPhone in numerous ways. It is at our discretion what we need to follow and which method of security would be the best for us.