Tips on how to write a Sentence Outline

In formal writing, an outline is a tool that helps you to organize and structure your ideas so that you can present your content and article writing arguments in a logically flowing and unbridged way. Approaching your papers with a sentence outline offers you many benefits that will enable you to order your arguments effectively. As an ideal tool for handling papers that require complex details, a sentence outline enables you to get a clear an overall glimpse of your paper. To achieve this purpose, this kind of outline uses full sentences unlike a topic outline that uses topics only. To benefit from this form of outlining, you will need to learn how best to write it. That is why this post seeks to arm you with ideas on how to draft it well. Keep on reading as we move on to get to the core of our discussion.

  • Identify your topic

The right place you need to begin as you write your paper’s sentence outline is getting your main idea in focus. The reason is that your sentences need to flow from a common idea out which you develop other ideas. For instance, if you are writing about the benefits of exercising, you will need to draft your sentences in a manner that expands on the main ideas so that you can move on from the general to the specific.

  • Create the main categories of your paper

After identifying your paper’s main idea, you need to identify the main categories for your outline. This way, you will be in a better position to know which points you will need to cover in the sentence outline and paper. This way, you will be in a better position to create a more specific flow of your ideas as you move to specific points that will give your arguments a systematic progression.

  • Create an abstract

After identifying your main idea, it is necessary to create an abstract that features a few sentences you have carefully written to give you a summarized form of the main points that will feature in your writing. By doing it this way, you will be in a better position to move on from here and create sentences that summarize the main ideas that will constitute your paragraphs. It is also necessary to number these ideas so that you can know how they need to transition as your paper progresses. At this level, you will now need to fix the individual sentences under those topical sentences. For instance, if you are dealing with the benefits of exercising, it is beneficial to draft start this way.

Main idea: Physical exercise has many health benefits

Topic sentence one: Physical benefits

Sentence outline one: It helps to improve better blood circulation

Topic sentence two: Emotional benefits

Sentence outline one: It promotes improved mental alertness

  • Make it as specific as possible

Writing a great sentence outline requires you to be as specific as possible. In addition, make your points clear so that you can help your readers to understand them in a clear manner.

  • Make it organized

To make your paper’s outline more effective, you have to infuse it with a sense of proper organization. Organization will ensure that your arguments are flowing in a coherent fashion.

  • Double-space your paper’s sentence outline

To make your outline more readable and easy to follow as you write your paper, it is beneficial to draft it in a double spaced manner.

  • Make sure you use sentences

Another thing you need to pay attention to while writing your sentence outline is sticking to the reality of sentences. The reason is that the main purpose of using this genre of outline is to help you to navigate a paper that has complex ideas with ease. When dealing with an idea that goes beyond one sentence, it will be necessary to break it into two ideas so that you reduce its bulk. Reducing the bulk of the points you need to capture will make it easier to express and pass on the idea to your readers clearly.

A sentence outline is one of the best tools for planning your writing assignments that feature complex ideas. This outline will help in breaking down the bulk of complex ideas so that you can have an easy time expressing them in a manner your readers will understand better. To benefit from this type of outlining, you need to draft it in the manner we have discussed in the preceding sections of this post. We hope that these tips are going to sharpen your sentence outlining skills as you integrate them in your writing assignments.