Channelling the potential of Instagram is a sure fire way to help expand your business’ online presence and get in touch with potential new customers. With so many Instagram users out there, it is quite possible for businesses and companies to use the social media app as a way to engage with potential customers and provide them with information and regular updates regarding your business’ products and services. Instagram is the perfect medium to promote your company in the digital age as it’s features allow for the delivery of messages in an ideal way for modern society: its quick, visual, attention-grabbing, focused on people’s interests and there’s only so much writing that can be squeezed into the content. This makes it far easier for users to absorb the content provided. With all this in mind, it can be said that brevity, clarity and engagement are therefore some of the most important considerations when preparing Instagram content.


Because of the large number of Instagram users out there vying for people’s attention, people don’t tend to spend a lot of time viewing individual pieces of content. Depending on where they are and how much time they have available, they may be browsing quickly instead of carefully analysing the content provided. In a scenario where they don’t have a lot of time or are trying to do something else at the same time, it is unlikely that they will be willing to pay a lot of attention to any one piece of content. Therefore, it’s essential to produce content that puts your message front and centre early on. Leave it too long and people will move on to the next thing and you will have missed your opportunity. The important thing is to grab people’s attention and draw them in early on. With Instagram users wanting to check up on the latest posts from countless other Instagram users, you’ll need to catch their attention right from the beginning and get the important part of your message out there quickly.


Related to this, another important point is the clarity of your message. A clear message which plainly spells out what you are about must be easy to read and presented in a way that it can be understood quickly. The easier it is to read, the more effort people will make to read it. Given the quick-fire nature of Instagram, clarity is crucial as people won’t want to spend longer than they have to take in content. As such, preparing content that is clear and straight to the point means that Instagram users will be able to get the message the first time around. If you post content that is long-winded and unclear, it becomes hard to follow and some users will lose patience and switch off before you get to the most important part of your content. Staying focused and being direct means that the topic of the content doesn’t stray far from the users’ mind and they will come away from it knowing what the message was.


 Engaging your followers and those who drop by to check out your profile is another important factor to bear in mind when adding content to your Instagram account. Of the three main social media networks (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter), Instagram was found to have significantly more brand engagement per user than its rivals. It is important to keep your followers interested in your content as this is one way to keep them interested in your business as a whole. If they feel that they are not getting anything worthwhile from your content, they may decide to unfollow you or start following a rival. There are many ways to stand out from the others by creating content that involves your followers: ask them questions, ask them to send pictures of them enjoying your products or services, ask them to make suggestions or to tell you what it is they like most about your business. These are just some simple ideas for interacting with your followers but they are certain to feel appreciated if you do so. By getting them involved, they can feel like they are making a difference and being listened to and this is surely a way to get your Instagram account noticed and, in turn, get more followers.

What are the results of following this approach?

 If you are able to master the art of posting content that combines these three ideas then it is likely that your current followers will enjoy your account and will feel that they get more out of it while they will also be more likely to recommend your account to other Instagram users. This word-of-mouth publicity is priceless and will help increase your number of followers. From there, the more you continue with these three ideas, the more likely it is your star will continue to rise and your number of Instagram followers will continue to grow.

While all this is very positive and encouraging, it can be a struggle to get going if you don’t have that many Instagram followers to start with. Considering this, it is worth reminding you that there is always a little help at hand if you need a boost in terms of followers. You can buy followers on Instagram if you need followers who will regularly interact with your Instagram content. is an example of a site where you can do this. This is particularly important at the beginning as if there is more activity involved with your account, it means it will become more popular through the social media app and will draw more attention to itself.