What is the best way to enjoy music today? Many people prefer to tune to their online radios or music streaming services for uninterrupted entertainment. This is a great leap from the traditional methods that forced people to wait until after work to play CDs on the home theater. But listening to music on the streaming services is still not the best method. Here are some of the issues that come with music streaming.

  • You can only listen to music when connected to the internet
  • When you tune to the music streaming services, the phone data is depleted progressively.
  • There is a high risk of finding your favorite songs pulled down without notice after the contract between the artist and streaming service ends.
  • You do not have absolute control of the songs you play.

It is because of these shortcomings that many people have been forced to look for alternative entertainment methods. The ideal method of entertainment you should go for is downloading music and storing it in the drive. Having the most favorite music on the smartphone means that you can listen without incurring data related bill or worrying the track will be pulled down. To download your music from the preferred sites, here are the three things you must have.

Ample space on the phone

Unlike music streaming services where no space is needed, downloading music requires ample space to store the music files. If the space on the phone is full or small, it is advisable to free some space or use a microSD with sufficient space. If you download a lot of songs, the notion of space will be fundamental.

The right music download app

This is perhaps the most critical component when you want to download free music online. A good music video downloader should be designed with the latest technology to allow users get the preferred songs easily. You should be extra careful when picking the app to ensure that only the one designed for the phone operating system is used. Other factors that indicate a great app include the following.

  • Ability to download songs from multiple platforms such as YouTube and SoundCloud
  • The app should have top notch features to facilitate faster download and direct conversion to the right format
  • Only the app that is free should be selected.

The top mp3 music downloader app in the market today is InsTube. It has all the outlined features and is free for all people with Android smartphones. Other high rated apps you can also consider include 4Shared, MixerBox, and Wynk Music. 

Access to the internet

Once you identify the best music download app for your phone, you will need internet access, especially when downloading music. While you can still download the preferred songs using data from the service provider, the best method is using Wi-Fi. You can access free Wi-Fi at work or near major facilities downtown. Make sure to queue the songs on the mp4 music downloader and start downloading during free time. Remember to also close the smartphone Wi-Fi access after downloading all the tracks to avoid becoming an easy target by cybercriminals.