WordPress is responsible for powering a great number of websites around the world. Whether it is a small business site, personal blog, or a website for a major worldwide corporation, WordPress presents itself as one of the top content management systems for users.

Here are the top 8 advantages of building your site with this CMS:


This content management system was originally made to work with various types of online publishing such as blogging, but it can also run much more complex sites such as the ones needed for multinational businesses.

These websites can contain a full ecommerce store, podcasts, portfolio showcasing, and even host a social network. Whatever your company may need, the main WordPress package comes with all of the plugins you need to make it work.


When designing a website, it is hard to find something that is user friendly, and even harder to find an option that is beginner friendly. Not everybody has the technical expertise required to use more complex content management systems, unlike the ever easy to use WordPress website management.

For example, all the user needs with this program is a hosting account and a domain name and then they can easily navigate their way around managing the Admin dashboard. From here you can create posts and pages right away.

3.Versatile Themes

When it comes to personalizing your website, this software makes it super simple to achieve all of the function and appearance fine-tuning you need and want. The directory of themes is constantly growing and are usually available instantly to new owners of websites through the theme directory, and many more can be bought through marketplaces specializing in design and even through third-party online designers from anywhere in the world. These themes are beneficial because you can preview them live whenever you want to efficiently alter the layout and look of your site.

4.Functional Plugins

Another benefit of this option is that it comes with all of the standard elements that are needed for a typical site as well as plenty of specialized function options that can be worked with to suit a website’s specific needs.

A plugin directory can be used to browse through hundreds of different plugins, which are pieces of code that are small and can perform the specific tasks they were created for. These plugins give users the ability to add specialized functions to their site such as galleries, shopping carts, contact forms, and many more. Third party developers also create relevant plugins that work for this CMS.

5.Search Engine Ranking

The key to having more website traffic is having a higher search engine ranking, which requires searchability. WordPress sites have a tendency to rank higher through keyword use since they are easily updated as well as the fact that the program offers multiple SEO (search engine optimization) tools.

6.Mobile Compatibility

Another major factor in search engine ranking is whether or not a website is mobile responsive. Fortunately, responsive theme designs are easily found using this CMS. Users are able to convert their static site to a more responsive one with just some simple theme file adjustments with the additional help of some plugins.

7.Built-In Blog

CMS inherently make publishing various types of written content simple, but this particular one has a “built in” feature specifically for blogs that any device is able to access at any time, which allows users to add a blog without creating it separately. This means that a website that is completely unrelated to blogging can still utilize the blog feature for something else, such as announcements or updates.

8.Helpful Community Support

Because this CMS is open source and free, there are communities that love and support it all over the world. This community is always updating source files and ensuring the safety and security of its day-to-day use.