The time has come when it’s rather difficult to earn a big amount of bitcoins, but it is even more difficult to save them. If you want to keep your savings safe, you need to use the best tools, the proven sites, the secure software, as well as reliable electronic btc holders to protect yourself against hacking.

Different security level of btc wallets 

In accordance with statistics’ data, the mobile purse for cryptocurrency storage are hacked more often. Despite the developers provide different levels of functionality, the level of cryptographic protection of most btc purses is very low.

This problem is caused by the lack of skilled professionals in the industry of cryptocurrency, who can create a well-protected application. The capabilities of the applications themselves are also limited: the apps’ volume becomes bigger and the applications become slower due to proper level of cryptographic protection, which makes them less convenient.

Virtual bitcoins holder assume more opportunities for cryptographic protection, but they are not used by all users.

The list of the best cryptocurrency wallets in 2018 often changes, sometimes depending on the country. But some keep their positions quite confidently.


This cryptocurrency wallet have being kept the top position for a long time and this is easily explained. This is a multi-currency “thin” desktop-purses, that supports internal currency exchange due to integration with the ShapeShift exchange. Its interface is very simple and easy, and looks more attractive than those of other btc holders. The said cryptocurrency wallet is distinguished by technical support ensured by its creators, who are always ready to help the new users and consider the offers from the experienced ones. It is equipped with a complex password, an HD wallet and with the ability to create a backup copy of the wallet using the utility from the developers.

Even a beginner can use this purses. After registration, it is recommended to set up the security parameters by going to the “Backup” section and using the “Email Backup” function. In this condition you will receive an email with a link to the backup copy of the wallet. You have to save a phrase consisted of 12 words in order to restore access, should you lose the data.


This is one of the oldest bitcoin purse. Through its existence the programs for different OS and applications for smart phones have been issued. It is convenient for those users who need more anonymity, since it works smoothly when connecting to the Tor network, through a proxy, etc. Using this wallet you will need to create a complex password, a seed-key, which you will control yourself, regardless of whether the desktop or mobile bitcoin holder is used. This btc holder is very reliable and is provided by active customers support service.

For fans of bitcoin, Electrum will be one of the best options. It has a number of the following advantages:

  • the user is able to control private keys;
  • the availability of communication with other wallet owners and developers;
  • the possibility to get acquainted with the source code;
  • not one version for the PC depending on the OS;
  • it can be used through the Tor network.Jaxx 

    Jaxx is a multi-currency wallet represented by both desktop and mobile versions. This wallet provides the apps for Android, iOS, and desktop web browsers. In some sense it looks like Exodus because it has an internal exchange of currencies owing to the integration of ShapeShift and a convenient and understandable interface. There is a Seed-phrase as well.


    Quite often the users prefer operating with paper btc holders. They believe that they are more safe and cheaper than hardware ones. Using Myetherwallet you can save your money and make investments in other coins. Myetherwallet is one of the most demanded cryptocurrency holders for bitcoins storing. You can use it for storing both big and small amounts. Thanks to attractive, easy and convenient interface, high reliability and possibility of all ERC20 tokens storing in one place, this bitcoin purses becomes even more demanded among the users.

    Choosing any wallet from the mentioned above, you can be sure that you will be able to replenish your account in one of the crypto currency stock exchanges and that the safety of your bitcoins is guaranteed!