Roulette is one of the oldest and most enjoyed games in both online and location-based casinos. Invented back in the sixteenth century by a scientist, the game gained much popularity in France, its country of origin, shortly after it was introduced to gaming establishments. During the French Revolution, the game spread across the globe and was immediately picked up as a sensation by gamblers. Over time, numerous versions of the game were introduced to spice up play. Three version stood out among them all as the most popular: European, French, and American Roulette. The first one of the three is the most sought-after of them all.

The introduction of the game on the online platform saw the release if many more versions as well as the inclusion of those in brick and mortar casinos such as Star roulette, Zodiac roulette, Multi-wheel roulette, Double Ball roulette, and many more. Even with the production of numerous such versions, the basic gameplay was maintained the same. The game entails a rotating wheel with various pockets labeled in numbers. The wheel is sent spinning while a small ball is also spun on it in the opposite direction. Gamblers get to bet on the number, color, or parity of the pocket the ball lands it. Numerous other options are available depending on the version of the game and casino rules that apply.

As seen from the procedure of gameplay, roulette is mainly dependent on luck more than strategy applied to win. Therefore, gamblers depend mainly on the odds provided to them by the online gaming software developer and the casino they are playing in; this also applies in live dealer casinos since computerized systems are used to determine the randomness of the game.

Even with no strategy application, some gamblers have been able to rake up winnings when playing an online live roulette game. Some of these winnings have been of outstanding amounts that have been labeled jackpots of a lifetime. Below we look at some of the gamblers that raked up huge winnings when playing the Little Wheel and the strategies they used.

  • Ashley Revell

Ashley Revell made news when he put everything he had managed to own in thirty-two years on sale and wager it all on gambling. His life savings amounted to one hundred and thirty-five thousand dollars, which he was willing to place on the line leaving him with only his clothes. He decided to wager everything he had on the roulette wheel, placing his bet on the color red. Luck proved to be on his side when the spinning ball landed on the red pocket number seven, allowing him to double his money. He went on to open his own betting site that has garnered a decent following.

  • Mike Ashley

Mike Ashley is a renowned billionaire who has gained fame from owning the Newcastle United Football Club. Being quite a fan of gambling, Ashley placed a wager on a complete seventeen on the roulette wheel on one of this staking ventures. A complete seventeen means that he distributed his wager on all bets that involved this number: a direct seventeen, all splits, side bets, and others. Now all he had to do was wait and hope the number landed on the number, and it did. His total winnings amounted to one million, three hundred thousand pounds; this may not be much for a man with billions, but it is a significant win to come by in the roulette game.

  • Chris Boyd

Chris similarly landed his winnings as Ashley Revell, but he didn’t have to sell everything he owned to do it. Instead, he saved up for three years until he had acquired two hundred and twenty thousand dollars. He then proceeded to wager the entire amount on the color red, and as luck would have it, he won. In a surprising twist of coincidence, the ball landed on red number seven, which also happens to be the number that accorded Ashley Revell his winnings.

Roulette Winning Tips

The gamblers above are proof that big real money wins can be made when playing live dealer roulette. Even though the game is heavily reliant on luck, some strategies can be applied to maximize the chances of winning. Some of these practices include:

  • Use the Martingale Strategy

This method of play entails doubling the amount wagered every time a loss is encountered. For instance, if you wager on red and the ball lands on black, place double your stake on red again. Even though roulette relies on chance, the ball is bound to land on red sometime. This strategy ensures that when it does, you gain back the lost amount with some profit.

  • Play games with the en prison rule

The en prison rule is found in European roulette, but not all gaming establishments offer it. When playing in a version that carries it, the player does not lose their wager when the ball lands in the zero pocket. Instead, the ball is spun again to give the gambler another winning chance. If the ball lands on what the gambler had bet on, they get back their wagered amount without any additional winnings. Even though no wins are acquired, the gambler gets to walk away without any losses either.

Numerous players have labeled live dealer roulette as an exciting set to engage in. Using the right strategies to land a win can make it even more exciting the player. One is advised to look into the site they are playing in to avoid falling victim to a scam.