There are different kinds of Azure services being offered by various cloud service providers. If you are thinking of getting Azure cloud service for your business or organization, it pays to be acquainted with these services. There are many resources online where you can find and complete a Microsoft Azure for business training program. By the way, this post is about Azure solutions being offered by third parties, not by Microsoft itself.

The focus here is on the services of cloud providers like LiquidData Systems, which are designed for managing, searching, and securing data in the Azure platform. You can visit their website to learn more about their Azure-based cloud archive and management solutions.

Office 365 deployment

This is a full Office 365 and Microsoft Azure deployment service under the management of a team composed of experts in Microsoft certified migration. The team assesses a client’s needs to provide the most suitable solution and validate the readiness of their environment. The team also provides end-user support, assistance for deployment, and support for leveraging Azure tenancy to ensure efficient data management in the cloud.

Office journal archiving

This lock-in free Azure-based journal archiving or Office 365 journaling service allows customers to create elastic journal archives with the search function. This is also a managed service that makes it easy for customers to do compliance journal archiving and easy discovery in Microsoft Azure. It features fast and scalable search as well as bank-grade security, and WORM storage.

Azure file share archiving

This Azure service is designed to make the most of Microsoft Azure through the deployment of a proprietary data management layer designed to harness the full capabilities of cloud storage. It is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that employs an innovative approach to cloud storage maximization and the disruption of users and applications typically encountered with other file share archiving solutions.

Azure file share archiving is designed to fully protect data assets from malicious software and even ransomware. It makes for the efficient and defensible management of unstructured data assets. It supports the offloading of primary storage thereby providing users the option to defer or even avoid the need to buy new storage. Moreover, it simplifies and enhances backup and disaster recovery strategies and also fulfills legal requirements for data retention.

Office 365 mail archiving

Designed to exploit the many advantages of using the archive mailbox attached to Office 365, this Azure-based Office 365 mail archiving features scalable and simplified discovery search. It also provides secure collection, targeted extraction capabilities, and the ability to easily export to PST files.

This solution makes it easy to transfer and store archiving elements within the cloud. It also enables optimum productivity and the use of message features built-in Office 365. Most Office 365 users are not properly acquainted with the productivity and message features of Office 365. That’s why they fail to efficiently and easily move and store archiving elements in the cloud.

These are just some of the many Azure services offered by non-Microsoft cloud providers. If you are in the process of choosing a cloud solution for your business or organization, be sure to become well-versed with the different services to choose from. Come up with a well-informed decision about your cloud service options.