Ready to take your PC gaming seriously? From providing space for a dual or ultrawide monitor setup to holding your drink, headphones and other accessories while you game, the right desk can be a huge asset for you as a PC gamer.

Gaming desks come in a range of shapes and sizes, from small desks designed for tight spaces to large, workstation-style desks that mix useful features with a huge surface area to keep your gaming gear right in front of you.

Below, we’ve listed three of our favourites, ranging from the best budget buy to a huge, high-end gaming desk that’s perfect for enthusiasts.

The Minimalist Choice: BHG Gaming Desk Table

The BHG Gaming Desk Table is a versatile, minimalist desk that’s designed for PC gaming but works just as well for work, studying and general computer use.

With black metal support legs and a stylish surface, the BHG Gaming Desk Table delivers great value for its budget price. The desk looks and feels solid and well made, with a level of stability that’s tough to find in cheaper desks.

When it comes to features, the BHG Gaming Desk Table keeps it simple. There’s no cup holder, monitor stand or cable management system here — instead, you get a large, stable surface that offers enough space for even the biggest ultrawide or dual monitor setup.

Is the BHG Gaming Desk Table the ultimate in gaming desks? Of course not. However, it packs a lot of punch for the price, making it one of the best minimalist, affordable gaming desks on the market.

Mid-Price Gaming Pick: Atlantic Gaming Desk

The Atlantic Gaming Desk is affordable, packed with features and designed specifically for PC gaming, making it a great mid-priced addition to your gaming space.

From a build quality perspective, the Atlantic Gaming Desk scores highly. It has metal legs that feel stable, a reasonably thick gaming surface, a carbon fiber laminated top, removable monitor stand and enough space for most gaming rigs.

It’s also packed with features, offering everything from a charging stand for your mobile device to an under-desk basket, game storage, wire management system and convenient cup holder for your favourite gaming beverage.

All in all, the Atlantic Gaming Desk is a great deal. While it lacks the finesse of higher-end PC gaming desks, it offers a massive range of features and excellent build quality for its moderate price.

The Pro Option: Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

The Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk is the ultimate in gaming desks — a highly adjustable, stylish piece of performance furniture that’s designed to take your PC gaming experience to the next level.

Measuring in at 160 cm by 80 cm at its widest point, the Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk features a slight curve designed to make the desk “wrap around” your body as you game. Big enough for three monitors (or two ultrawides), this desk is built with the most serious of gamers in mind.

Add a purpose-built microfiber cloth surface, easy height adjustment and amazing strength into the equation (it can support up to 176 lbs of evenly distributed weight) and the Arena is arguably the best high-end gaming desk on the market.