Data recovery is serious business. Files, including photographs and text documents, can become lost, corrupted or accidentally deleted because of human error, viral attacks, hardware failure and other issues that can befall our storage devices. These data files could contain important personal or professional materials that you just cannot stand to lose. In the event that you find yourself struggling to recover images that seem to be lost forever, it’s time to get some help.

Fortunately, there are lots of photo restoration applications available for consumers to use. Which ones are truly worth the hype? The Top 5 Free Photo Recovery Software are ranked based on their ease of use, their versatility, and their efficiency at data recovery.

1). RecoverIt


This software is packed full of features that make it easy to restore photographs that have been deleted, corrupted or have otherwise become inaccessible. RecoverIt is provided for free by Wondershare and is easily the best data recovery tool available. The features of this program include:

  • Recovery of all major file types, including videos and text documents
  • Data recovery on laptops, personal computers and external storage devices
  • A truly user-friendly interface that makes the application easy for anyone to use
  • Photo recovery options even when the computer cannot be launched
  • Different recovery modes to handle different kinds of recovery situations

2). Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery


If you use a lot of different devices, from GoPros to cell phones to more intricate photography equipment, you want a photo recovery software that can work with it all. Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery has a two-click interface that speedily recovers all major video and image files on your personal computer or laptop. This is often the go-to photo recovery option for those who spend a lot of time creating carefully-crafted photos and videos.

3). Recuva


This software is for those who are serious about their data recovery. This app provides some of the highest-powered features that we’ve seen of nearly any free or paid photo recovery software. Here’s a list of just some of the features we’re talking about:

  • Advanced deep scans to recover data lost, no matter where it’s gone or where it originally was
  • An interface that is easy to work with regardless of your computer skill level
  • Preview screens before final restoration of your lost data
  • Drive and partition detection

4). Undelete360


This software can tackle data recovery of nearly any format, including all common types of external storage solutions. Its powerful recovery technology retrieves nearly any format from nearly any device that can be connected to your computer. From pen drives to digital cameras and everything in-between and beyond, Undelete360 is known for yielding a better return of results than many of its competitors.

5). PhotoRec


This data recovery solution is one of the most powerful cross-platform recovery applications available today. Not only does PhotoRec work among Windows and Mac PCs, but its usability also extends to Linux and other major platforms. Its features are unique to its brand, including (but not limited to):

  • Over 440 file types that can be recovered
  • The ability to create custom file types
  • An “unformat” function
  • Supports FAT, NTFS, exFAT, ext2/ext3/ext4 and HFS+

You have a slew of options available to you when choosing the right data recovery software. Consider the programs listed above to find the right software for your needs.