With so much information, technology, and power at our fingertips, it’s more important than ever that if you want people to interact with your online presentations, you have to make that experience as easy as possible for them. The irony of this is that sometimes it is very complicated on your end to make it easy on someone else! Particularly if you are in a technology company, your efforts are expected to have an even higher quality.

For examples of where user experience is important, consider the topics of front-end delivery, responsive design, the results of the mobile revolution, and the importance of understanding processing power and connection bandwidth. Each of those topics requires a certain knowledge of technology and a certain knowledge of how to bend that technology to your will.


Front-End Delivery

Front-end delivery is all about controlling the first thing that a user sees when they visit your website. The graphics, the images, the text, the formatting – it all has to be perfect to engage people with your product or service. And if you’re not a website coder yourself, but are rather a designer, that can present a problem. So what you need is someone to convert your design from PSD to HTML . Thankfully, there are high-quality companies that do exactly this, and will turn your vision into a practical reality.


Responsive Design

Creating a website with responsive design is absolutely necessary in today’s world for ease of navigation. People expect technology to work for them, not the other way around. That means they don’t care whether they’re on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device. They want their online experience always to be effective and efficient.


Embracing the Mobile Revolution

And everyone who puts material online has to recognize that the mobile revolution is now. Over half of the people that login to your websites or browse through your pages are going to be doing so on mobile devices. This is a drastic change from how a lot of the Internet was initially designed. But if you want to remain successful, then you have to be the one who adapts to that circumstance. Recognizing that people are looking at your web pages on tiny screens is vital.


Processing Power and Connection Bandwidth

Recognizing how processing power and connection bandwidth fit into the mix is important as well. You may have the most beautiful, high-quality graphics in the world, but if your standard user doesn’t have a high-bandwidth connection, loading times are going to take forever, and they’re going to get frustrated. You have to figure out the proper balance between graphics, media, audio, and video along with loading speeds and appropriate ways to navigate.