The Technology Behind Business Delivery Services

Delivery services have come a long way over the years. These days, couriers use a variety of impressive technologies to help ensure they provide a reliable and speedy service. Here, we’ll look at which technologies couriers are using to provide a flexible, convenient and super-fast service.

Real time tracking

One of the most impressive technologies utilised by couriers today is real time tracking. The days of estimated delivery times are practically over thanks to this useful technology. Consumers can now expect to receive live up-to-date tracking information showing exactly where their parcel is, where it has been and if it has been signed for.

This tracking information isn’t just great for the consumer however. It’s also very useful for businesses. That’s because before tracking services were introduced, a lot of fraudulent claims were made from customers claiming they never received their parcel. It was difficult to prove whether they were being honest, so businesses were often forced to pay out for fraudulent missing deliveries. Now, with real-time tracking, a business can clearly see whether the package has been delivered.

GPS – Making customers easier to find

GPS systems are vital for couriers today. It’s hard to remember a time before GPS was introduced. Drivers would have needed to rely on a trusty physical maps, meaning deliveries would have taken a lot longer.

GPS enables drivers to not only find destination addresses, but they can also direct them to the fastest route. This is a large reason why next and same day delivery services exist. If drivers didn’t have GPS, they wouldn’t be able to delivery parcels in such record speeds.

Future developments set to make delivery even easier

Of course, technology hasn’t stopped evolving just yet. It’s continually developing and there are some pretty significant developments in the works for the delivery industry.

Amazon’s drone delivery is a good example of the types of services you can expect in the future. The global company is working on having air-bound distribution centres, which small drones would collect and then fly and deliver. There’s also talk of taking advantage of crowdsourcing, where businesses would pay members of the public, or reward them in some way, to deliver packages for them.

Overall, there are many kinds of technologies used in today’s delivery services. Developments have really helped to improve both the speed and reliability of business deliveries; something which is vital for today’s businesses in order for them to succeed.