There was a time when the term technology was primarily associated with computers. Only a few decades ago, latest technology, for most of us meant upgrading a Pentium 1 to Pentium 2 or advancing on to Windows 98. We were all proud of how technology touched us when we had our personal E-mail addresses and we were a tad bit less dependent on snail mail. Our business documents were now digitized on Ms. Office. However, before we knew it the digital storm hit the world with all its force and the technology touched us all in the most magical ways. With Wi-Fi routers and handheld gadgets and much faster data transfer, technology is no more just about upgrading your personal computers. In fact, it has touched all of us in the most unique ways, be it health, education, communication, entertainment, security systems, home management, transport and a lot of other aspects of life.

Moreover, technology today upgrades at a much fast rate making the older one obsolete and therefore, you see cool gadgets and tech tools, both hardware and software entering the market every now and then. Even people who are not very tech savvy tend to be heavily fascinated by the cool tech tools that are entering the market every few days. Here are some of the must-have tech tools that you should invest in 2019.

Tile-Mate Item Finder

We love how the latest tech gadgets these days are super compact and easy to carry around. However, it becomes extremely frustrating when you are unable to find your gadget because it is lost somewhere in the clutter and you are clueless about how to spot such a tiny piece. It could be your ear pods lost somewhere in your bed or even your phone or flash drive has gone missing in the heaps of paper and clutter on your desk. However, this year we have an amazing gadget that aims to find your lost gadgets in an incredibly easy manner. Time Mate is essentially a gadget tracker that allows you to track your gadget and locate it without much hassle. You have to install a tracker in your gadget and then use an application to locate your lost item.

Amazefit BIP Bluetooth Smartwatch

Smartwatches have become quite a buzz word when Apple first launched it as an ancillary gadget that was compatible with iOS. However, nit everybody always sticks to iOS and not everyone is privileged enough to be able to afford those luxury smartwatches, which is why the worth of an Apple smartwatch always remained questionable. However, this year there is an amazing entry-level smartwatch that is not only compatible with both iOS and Android operating system, it is also super cheap compared to the Apple smartwatch. With its bright LED display and a decent aesthetic appeal, this smartwatch can be paired with your gadgets and can send you notifications regarding your calls, messages along with other applications such as fitness tracking, checking your vitals, sleep monitoring, etc.

Anker Portable SD Card Reader

If you are a photographer or a videographer with lots of field work on your plate, you must be aware of how crucial an SD card is for your work. You cannot be a travel vlogger or even a videography enthusiasts who covers events if you are unable to get your SD card uploaded on your laptop in time. Unfortunately, this is the toughest part of the process as many laptops do not even have SD card readers. This portable SD card reader would be a true lifesaver for all such people and will allow you to retrieve data from your SD card onto your laptop anytime anywhere. If you are an aspiring travel vlogger, content creator or event photographer, this product is a must-have.

Panasonic Egrofit Earbuds

Music lovers would understand the importance of good quality earbuds. Whether you are driving on an empty road, working in your school lab, meeting your deadlines at work or just meaning to run on a treadmill while at home. However, there is often debate if it is even possible to be able to find a decent pair of earplugs without having to spend an arm and a leg at an Apple store. These earplugs on our list are by Panasonic and are super affordable too. The quality of earplugs is quite funny and I don’t think there will be a song towards the end.

RFID Wallet

When technology becomes so advanced, even the thieves find newer, hi-tech ways to attack a house. Imagine your wallet being easily slid out and your credit card being cloned. These incidents are common occurrences nowadays. However, you can easily add an extra layer of security by keeping your cards and money in an RFID wallet. These wallets scan your cards when needed without requiring you to take your card out yourself.