The pressure from management to meet sales quotas can become so intense that some salespeople decide to quit the company or their careers rather than look for realistic ways they can consistently reach them. Sales professionals who consistently hit their quotas typically have the following four things in common:

  • A deep understanding of the sales process and the ability to perform all functions well. This includes discovery, qualification, and overcoming common objections.
  • Knows how to use the customer relationship management (CRM) software to his or her advantage. The salesperson has prospects placed in the correct stage and understands the next steps to take with each one.
  • In-depth knowledge about each product and can state benefits to the prospect with sincere conviction.
  • Remains professional with other members of the team.

These are lofty ideals. However, they’re not impossible for sales representatives to reach if they have access to quality resources and receive regular feedback from their sales managers.

Resources Matter

Sometimes knowledge and skill will only get a salesperson so far. He or she also needs uninterrupted access to sales resources to help improve performance. A May 2017 article published on the website Inc. recommends the following:

  • Center for Sales Strategy: This company offers group training sessions and individual coaching that provides instructions on any aspect of selling the client wants to learn. It encourages people and groups to uncover new possibilities amongst themselves. The analysts and consultants leading the training discuss common problems, such as getting through to the difficult customer.
  • Lessonly:Lessonly can really come in handy for teams of people already using Salesforce. It allows them to streamline their workflow and learn new ways to move prospects through the pipeline at a faster rate.
  • LinkedSelling: This is a marketing company offering its clients increased presence on LinkedIn to form new relationships, generate more leads, and close more deals. It also provides training courses for clients who would like to learn to use LinkedIn more efficiently.
  • One Call Close: This firm offers a flexible script that helps to move people on the other end of a cold call into new customers. One Call Close delivers its training materials as a video series.
  • Sandler Training: As an established sale consultancy business, Sandler Training provides individual coaching and a variety of customized reinforcements to push struggling salespeople out of their comfort zone.

Effective Sales Managers Make a Difference

With 54 percent of salespeople not meeting quotas, managers can’t afford to be complacent. They must make themselves available to their teams while still making each member accountable for results. One way sales managers can do this is to periodically quiz the representative to ensure understanding or even ask him or her to role play. For those who are really struggling, listening in on phone calls or accompanying them on sales calls will help to uncover problem areas.

Salespeople need to feel their manager trusts them because it empowers them to succeed. In fact, many feel driven to exceed to show their manager that he or she was right. Effective managers also invest in the careers of their team and help them advance in the company if possible.

With determination to excel, use of reliable resources, and effective management, people meant for a career in sales can easily blow past their quotas every month.