One of the most efficient social media apps for marketing purposes today is Instagram. In the last five years, Instagram has completely taken over the world like a storm. Instagram is not just an application where one shares selfies and personal photos, but it has transformed to become a potent application where marketers can use to share information about their business products. Today, there are millions of active users on Instagram, and this increases your potential outreach to millions of people world over. It is necessary that you should share relevant photos and videos in a smart way to get more followers. This article will discuss some such essential tips for sharing Instagram videos with you to help you grow your business.

  1. Uploading Short Videos: If you want to get more views on the videos you upload, it is essential that you upload videos which are of short duration and not long ones. Try to keep the videos you upload within one minute. This ensures that users are not deterred, and they will not pass your videos over. Users prefer crisp, precise and short content; they never like wasting their precious time. Hence, ensure that the videos you upload are short. The reason is that more people will tend to watch them and consequently learn about your business.
  2. Relate the videos you upload to your business products: The videos you upload must be in some way related to the products that you want to sell or the services which you provide. You can at times upload educational and informational videos but keep videos about your products as the top priority for your viewers.
  3. Use proper hashtags: The hashtags which you put must be efficiently used to make them effective. Make sure that they are appropriate and relevant to the content you share. You can use hashtags for both videos and photos.

To get better business, it is essential that people like the content you post, hence you must try to get more and more real Instagram likes on your Instagram page.


One of the most vital aspects of the marketing world today is social media, and in it, Instagram is undoubtedly the topmost player. It can help grow your business by increasing your marketing outreach almost exponentially. You can share both photos and videos on Instagram. But, use your videos smartly to convey precise information in short spans of time while trying to get more followers at the same time.  This ensures that more people watch your videos and becomes aware of your products.