A keyboard means so much more to you than just being a typing tool. As a gamer, your keyboard almost becomes an extension of yourself. It is your gateway to the digital world. No doubt, you take it seriously. These days the world of best gaming keyboards has evolved, and the form factor across models are so much similar. That makes the task of choosing a keyboard so much more difficult. However, you know that those minor differences could make a lot of difference to your gaming experience. Gaming is a completely different lifestyle altogether. You do not want to skimp on it and let go of a bundle of features. Here is a brief guide to factors that you should look for when you go shopping for your keyboard.

RGB Keyboard

Well, that’s a given, isn’t it? Should we be even mentioning it at all! It isn’t just the cool factor. They definitely look great and colorful, if you have got a multi-colored one. But, there is so much more to it. You need the keys to be visible, but then they should be clear and preferably being viewable from any angle. Although most RGB keyboards are visible if you operate at a standard position, with some keyboard the provision of a shallow angle that shows the top of the key-switch is great. In addition, a larger key lettering is so much easier on the eye. Then, the keyboards need to be customizable. Most of the keyboards do come with utilities that help you fine-tune the RGB effects. This is a great functionality as you may need to alter the preset lighting effects to suit your needs.

Mechanical switches

Whether it is gaming or otherwise, a good keyboard is an absolute essential for any PC setup. It is as important as your graphics card and needs to provide a fast response when you are pounding your opponent. Mechanical keyboards have always been the preferred type though of late, and modern keyboards come with rubber sheets. Rubber keyboards tend to be a little less precise than the mechanical ones that provide the user with a strong feedback. The sound of that click is so much more important to you. It tells you that your move has been registered. The tactile nature of a mechanical keyboard also ensures that you can type faster as you wouldn’t need to press the keys altogether. This is especially useful if you are playing a game where your actions per minute affect performance. However, if you are into fast-paced games, linear switches could be preferable as you can press the key-switches faster.

Keyboard with macros

Those extra keys on a gaming keyboard are so crucial that even non-gamers are starting to switch to gaming keyboards for their professional daily needs. These are the macro keys that allow you to automate so many of your tasks. Modern, gaming keyboards have anywhere between six to twelve extra keys along with switching keys. The switching functionality allows you more flexibility if you want to change between different sets of macros. Macros allow you to assign a complex set of gaming actions to just one button-click thus enhancing your experience and helping you respond quickly to gaming maneuvers. Dedicated macro-buttons also make it easier for your fingers and in some cases, you can ultimately do away with the need for a mouse. How much more convenient can it be than taking your hands off the mouse completely? Macro keys are an absolute necessity considering the amount of automation that you can achieve.

Media controls

The excitement is palpable. You are at that juncture where you have almost overpowered your opponent, but your background track has not kept pace. You desperately want that experience, but it is so difficult to have to switch out of the game and to have to control your media track. Luckily for us, avid gamers, dedicated media controls have now become standard features on many gaming keyboards. Definitely look for an integrated media control facility on your keyboard that low you to play, pause, or mute instantly. In addition, they should also have the capability to adjust volumes with a roller with options to skip tracks, in case you require them.